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Welcome to the Zalazar View! 

I am Fabiana Zalazar, a 24 year old with an old soul. What does that mean? I am constantly thinking I was born in the wrong decade. 

Besides having an interest in fashion, I love searching for books in libraries, then reading those books in recently-discovered coffee shops. I collect vinyl records, go to thrift stores, basically anything retro/vintage, I'm in. I also have a huge interest in art and science and I absolutely love sports. 

My soccer team is FC Barcelona, my basketball teams are Miami Heat and the Celtics, my hockey team is Bruins (and no, I've never been to Boston myself so I'm not sure how they ended up being my teams), love Conor McGregor and Rose Namajunas. 

I am a firm believer of using the internet and social media to spread positiveness and support. 

I do not want to be another blogger on the internet, I want to be your blogger friend. So please, if you need anyone to talk to, I am here for you. 

Want to collaborate? Reach me at thezalazarview@gmail.com

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