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Welcome to the Zalazar View! 

I am Fabiana Zalazar, a 23 year old person with an old soul. What does that mean? I am constantly thinking I was born in the wrong decade. 

Besides having an interest in fashion, I love searching for books in libraries, then reading those books in recently-discovered coffee shops. I collect vinyl records, go to thrift stores, basically anything retro/vintage, I'm in. I also have a huge interest in art and science and I absolutely love sports. 

My soccer team is FC Barcelona, my basketball teams are Miami Heat and the Celtics, love Conor McGregor. I am still looking for a hockey team so I'm open for suggestions. 

I am a firm believer of using the internet and social media to spread positiveness and support. 

My life is not perfect in any way, all the pictures I post on my social media may be aesthetically pleasing portraying happy moments, but I am by no means perfect. I am terribly flawed. 

I do not want to be another blogger on the internet, I want to be your blogger friend. So please, if you need anyone to talk to, I am here for you. 

Want to collaborate? Reach me at fabituzala@gmail.com

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