It's Been A Minute...

23 Jun 2019

Hi Guys!!

It's been a while since I've written anything, over a year actually... that's quite a long time of not being around. To be honest I kind of grew bored and tired of posting and also my anxiety was getting in the way of my writing. So I decided to take a break ( a long break indeed) from blogging. In the meantime however I've been focusing my time on developing my Instagram account. Also I finished my OPT (Optional Practical Training for those non internationals) and now about to start grad school!! It is going to be tough, not gonna lie I'm a bit scared but I'm also extremely excited since I've been wanting to do a masters so impatiently!

So where are we going towards from now on? I would love for this blog to be more wholesome. Just like I'm doing with my Instagram account, where I want it to be a reflection of who I am exactly (I also do this with my Tumblr account...yes, I am one of the few who still uses Tumblr) with sharing about sports, fashion, science, art and other interesting subjects, I would also like for this blog to be like that.

I am excited to where this is going and I hope you guys enjoy reading them!

It's good to be back in the blogging community :)

xx F.

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