Disney Adventure

5 Apr 2018

It does not matter if it's your first time or your 50th time in Disney, each time will feel magical. We all have our struggles, challenges, things that we want to accomplish in life but somehow feel stuck, we have our doubts and fears of the future, of the unknown, but literally every time I set foot on DisneyWorld, all of that goes away.

Employees are so nice and the characters (even though I know they are people inside those costumes) always gets me so excited to meet them! And not gonna lie, kind of nervous. It's like meeting our favorite idol/celebrity and I just freak out. 

All four parks are so unique on their own but my all time favorite is the Happily Ever After Show at Magic Kingdom. It gives me so much hope that I can actually achieve my dreams and create a happily ever after of my own. I've been three times so far and they changed the presentation to the better. They prolonged Moana's part and they added a Family section which was so cute!

The rides I totally recommend are Avatar Flight of Passage (Animal Kingdom), Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom), Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom), Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom), Tower of Terror (Hollywood) and Aerosmith (Hollywood).

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