Tropical Fun | Islamorada, Florida

12 Feb 2018

Living in Miami it's quite fun. South Beach is pretty interesting with so many energetic vibes. But it can get a bit repetitive and overwhelming since there are so many people, mostly tourists around. So it is nice to explore other areas as well like The Keys :)

I did not know about the keys until a friend told me and let me tell you, it is A GEM. A hidden treasure of a place. Probably not so hidden.. I bet people do know about the keys, it was just me that was unaware of such a paradise of a place. 

I haven't reached the tippy point of the keys yet but the farthest we got was Islamorada. It was gorgeous! The area was not over crowded, not many tourists (which I was so thankful for). One of my favorite part was that the entire aesthetics were pastel colors! It really went well with my outfit choice and my purple shade sunglasses. 

If you fell in love with them (like I did), you can also get one for you at lower price by using discount code FAB20

They have a variety of stylish sunglasses at affordable prices. I honestly could not believe how affordable their prices were for such a good quality of sunglasses. And they are not only good quality but they truly have so many cool shades to chose from.

If you stalk me at my Instagram page you'll see that I'm basically a sunglasses addict. In all my pictures I am wearing sunglasses so I'm pretty thankful to have found this brand so I can keep up with this addiction :D

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