My Journey to Whole 30 | Week 1

11 Jan 2018

First of all, happy 2018 everyone!!

Hope everybody had a lovely holiday time with friends and beloved ones, and most importantly, with lots of food to be eaten. I sure had, especially lots of sweets. For this reason I just really am in need of a complete reboot of my digestive system. Start fresh along a fresh new start of year.

Usually I eat healthy, trying to pay attention to the ingredients of products, buying mostly organic food. But now and then I go off track and go crazy with the amount of food I eat or just binge on desserts one after the other. I also realized that lately I've been up in the clouds, so lost in the healthy lifestyle world. I don't know if you guys out there feel the same sometimes, but I get this immense pressure of eating clean that I freak out and don't even know what to do anymore. So this past week, even if I had a combo of healthy meals, I just started incorporating things like cookies, bread (lots of it), cakes and other things that had plenty of sugar.

I exercise religiously five to six times a week, pushing my body to the limit. But it really doesn't compensate if I will go home and eat horribly. Gym workouts are not only in the gym, but the hardest exercises are proven outside of it (with your nutrition). I've struggled with this for YEARS. It is indeed a very difficult thing to do. Everyone can go exercise for the minimum of 30 minutes recommended but the REAL test is when it comes to food.

Watching youtube I came across a BuzzFeed video titled People Try The Whole 30 Elimination Diet. I've never heard of this diet before but it seemed pretty interesting although very, very hard. But I love to challenge myself, especially with things that involves a better outcome at the end. So I spent the entire day researching for recipes that are not only easy to make but also things that I will actually enjoy to eat. I carefully created a weekly meal plan so I don't get lost up in the clouds again, and have a guide to what meals I would have to prepare that day and for the following day if possible.

I will be posting each weekly meal plan by the start of the week with a follow up of the previous week, sharing the struggles, the successes, things that could improve and so on.

Before we embark on this journey, I would just like to say that taking care of your health is extremely important, so be mindful of all the diets out there. Be sure to communicate with your doctor beforehand to make sure what diets will work for your health needs. And remember, regardless of your end goals, whether it is to lose weight or just eat cleaner overall, your mental health is above everything else.

Now let's jump on this journey! Here it goes the first week of meal plan!

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