Stripes for Fall?

20 Nov 2017 Miami, FL, USA

Stripes for fall? It's Miami so it's always hot around here and the typical fall outfits of comfy sweaters, leggings and boots are definitely out of the question. Can't complain really since I don't have to suffer the many layers of clothes on top of me and instead, wear a simple romper like so.

This lovely white & blue striped romper is so comfortable to wear. I always have those days that do not want to put too much effort into my outfit. The whole "figuring out the top and bottom" ensemble, making sure they match, I just get too lazy sometimes and so I opt for a simple, easy one piece look. I also like that this romper is somewhat off the shoulders. I've been lately obsessed with off-the-shoulder looks, and the bow tie in the middle just completes the entire look.


Photograph by Sarah Sturgis

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