Life Update

11 Aug 2017

So here I go again. Getting MIA for the past four months? So for a little bit of an update, this is what happened in these last few months. I was supposed to graduate in May but then I had some classes that I needed to take over the summer like my internship (for our university it is a class). Finance was supposed to be one of them but the class was full so I had to wait for the next semester. 

Since my family lives in Miami, I came here for the time being. I will take an online class for Finance so until December I am staying around Florida :) Over the summer was quite interesting, having the beach and all you know. Even thought I had online classes, I had plenty of time to read books! So if I have to pick one thing that was my favorite to do over the summer it would be this, finally having the time to read books. So far I've finished three books, currently going to the 4th. 

Anyways, that is a little bit of what happened/is happening right now. I've had some pretty interesting experiences that I will be sharing in the blog soon so I hope you stick around :) Have an awesome day!! 

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