Book of The Month: January/February

7 Feb 2017

The book for the month of January was the sequel for the famous novel Me Before You, however I have not finished it so I am carrying it to the month of Feb. Perhaps until the middle of the month? In fact it is suuuuuch a good book that if I would have not started college yet, I would have probably be done by now. I purchased it sometime in the beginning of January from Publix, that supermarket in Miami when I was staying with the fam for winter break. Started reading, and I could not stop. Kept saying 'one more chapter, and then I'll stop" just to find myself awake reading at 5 am.

Then classes started and things got a bit more hectic. At first I carried the book around with me so whenever I had a free time like waiting for the bus, or if I arrived for class earlier, I would take the book out and read as many pages as I could. But, carrying my laptop, binders and textbooks, along with the book? It is not much of a wise idea. Unfortunately the pages are starting to fold and I accidentally spilled pasta sauce on it as well :( This happened because I went to eat with a friend, and they were leftovers, put the little take away box in my backpack and the next thing I know is that I open my bag and I see a little lake of white sauce. Maybe I should start carrying a separate little bag specifically for my book?

Anyways, why should you read this book you may ask. Well for starters, if you really wanna know what happens next after Will Traynor dies and Louisa Clark goes to Paris, then yes, this book is so worth it. You are in for a HUGE and unexpected surprise. I do not want to reveal too much but the book really explores Louisa's overcoming with grief, and how she moves forward in life. Personally I am not much of a romantic, I dislike very much any romantic story and cheesy things, but this novel by Jojo Moyes is more than just telling a romance, it makes you think about life, time and makes you discuss about morality. What would you do if you were Will? Would you have go ahead and die or just live in pain for the rest of your life but regardless, stay with the woman you love? I had so many discussions with friends about this. But yes, totally recommend it if you are those curious ones that wonders after a story ends what do the characters do next? I cant wait to finish this book, so far got only two more chapters to finish :D

Happy Reading!!

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