Pop of Colors

20 Jan 2017

Pop of Colors

Dash Miami Visit

How can you not visit the Dash store if you are around Miami? This boutique is basically one of the must visit places in a tourist's list. I mean, it was in mine at least...

I've heard things about it before like they had pretty much simple items in relation to their high prices. To be honest I wasn't expecting too much from Dash after such reviews. But when I finally visited myself, I kind of am a fan now? Yeah it was true of what people said about Dash having simple clothes, and the prices are high but if you wanna dress up like a Kardashian (and pretend to be one of the sisters) then this store is totally for you. Just be prepared to take some (many) green papers from out of your wallet, if this is not a problem for you, then shop till you drop! ;)

For peasants like me however, we can also find some things from here and there. For example their perfumes are not that bad of a price, approximately around 60 to 80 dollars only and the scent is surprisingly REALLY good! I would totally recommend the honey one, I utterly mostly fell in love with it.

The atmosphere of the whole store was pretty Kardashian-like. Very chic, on the top trend from the music they were playing, to the way their products were presented, super glamorous but very chill and laid back at the same time. The Dash girls were very welcoming and attentive, and I loooved their outfits. In each rack you will find a different style according to a Kardashian sister. My favorite was Khloe's! More casual, denim and plaids. Kim's of course had more items that were tightly fitted and lace, not for me at all.

Overall. Dash store is indeed simple. Do not expect golden floors, cameras flashing towards you and a red carpet at the entrance. Bu they do deliver in the sense that they have that Kardashian soul, and as I said, if you want to look like a Kardashian, this is the place to shop.

New Year, New Me?

8 Jan 2017

Hello everybody!!! Happy holidays and happy 2017!

I hope that you all had an unforgettable welcoming celebration of this new year. I certainly did. I was freezing outside while sitting on the grass for way too long that my buttocks felt like they turned squared and how could I forget the lovely smell of weed... oh! and the drunk guy vomiting not too far away from our picnic sesh. Not trying to be a pessimistic brat right now but hey, not everything is perfect (which is a mentality I need to have more in mind for this 2017).

In all of the uncomfortableness aside, I could have not asked for a better New Year's Eve celebration. I honestly can't complain, I mean, waiting for the new year in Miami beach while watching breathtaking fireworks surrounded by your family? What a blessing! I hope all of you spent it with your beloved ones as well. Now, talking about new year's resolutions...I have absolutely no problem in starting them, the problem though is to carry onwards (which I can assume it's the issue for most of us amirite?). Howeverrrr, my goals for this year are mostly things I have already started last year but kind of derailed them.

One of the things I started last year was go to the gym regularly and eat healthier. During the summer this became completely off, eating McDonalds, Wendy's, Sonic, chips, you name it. Then Thanksgiving came and finals, going to the gym seemed like a myth during those times. And now, after the holidays have finished.. 4 days into the new year, still have not gone to the gym. Got to get my life together Fabiana. This is the year folks, the year that I will finally finish university! May 2017. Graduation. After that? Get into the real adulthood world, like the legit thing. So I will need discipline more than ever.

So far I've only made a mental list of my goals for this year, but now, let's write it down on this post so I can have proof of the list and regularly check my progress. So without further ado, let's dig in:

1. Healthy Eating.
I feel like this is a major favorite of everybody's resolution list.  I am a HUGE food lover, like for real, I beyond love eating, even when I am not hungry. So yeah, this one is a real buzzkill for me. But from what I learned last year, once you start eating healthy everything changes, your body, the way you look at life, your attitude, everything seems brighter and joyful.

2. Go to the Gym.
This one is another carryover from last year. I would definitely like to keep going though, haven't been for the last two months approximately.

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