How to Be Single

27 May 2016

I've been trying to search for good movies to watch lately but in the horror genre is a shot and miss situation, they are so so so bad, painfully predictable it's crazy. In the romance genre? same thing. It is always the girl that ends up with a guy and they live happily ever after and blah blah. But holly mother of Hollywood! I just finished watching "How to be Single" starring Dakota Johnson and Fat Amy, I mean, Rebel Wilson, and let me tell was awesome!! Honestly I though it was going to be just another rom-com where Alice ended up with the bar dude (spoiler alert) in the beginning of the movie but then another dude comes into the scene and then her ex keeps popping up too so you get three guys now that are a possibility for her to end up with but no....the end took a complete different turn (by different I mean really unpredictable in the typical rom-com field where a girl must by all means end up with a guy at the end of the movie).

I always kind of clinch by this idea, that's why I am not a big fan of romantic movies and all, is just really annoying that the woman always has to end up with a guy. Can't she like, live her life by herself? Or I don't know, do something else with her life besides having that perfect ending with the man? Is just ridiculous how in society there is this "schedule" or "law" that by a certain age we must meet someone, that being single is something to be fixed and is really really uncomfortable. I am not trying to sound like a bitter single lady that you all might be saying "she is just salty about this whole thing because she is single and she wants a boyfriend". Don't get me wrong, I am not hating on love here, love is beautiful in all its ways and meanings. I'm just saying how being single doesn't necessarily mean that is a bad thing. It is alright to be living your life all by yourself, and perhaps you will meet that person that you will want to spend the rest of your life with or perhaps not and you decide to go solo in life, either ways, it is totally fine.

I loved this movie because the end was something I was really not waiting for it to happen, as I mentioned previously, there were three guys as options and I was coming back and forth to with whom Alice would ended up with. At the end I was sure that it was going to be the bar guy again but then she realized that being alone, single, is totally fine, peaceful in its own. Being alone in that time of not being tied down with anyone is liberating, it allows you to discover yourself, to kind of learn how to be alone, all by yourself, having the company of your own soul, and me being single since I can remember, I can totally say that it's completely true. Of course there were times I wished I was in a relationship because it does look amazing to have someone in your life where you can call your lover and best friend at the same time, gee guys I am not a robot, but then again, why would I spend my life whining and complaining I am not in a relationship, that I really want to have a boyfriend, someone to cuddle at night and blah blah blah. No, honestly, in just like being in a relationship is cherished, so does need to be in being single, because there might be things you want to do by yourself that you wouldn't be able to once you are with someone. Am I sounding like as if once you have a boyfriend you are tied down and unable to do things by yourself? No no no, please do not think this, because being in a relationship is also liberating, you are sharing your life with someone else, and this in its own is truly an honor, but yes, there are things that you cannot do once you are tied down.

I feel like also people are so fixated into being in a relationship and finding the one so much that once they find someone, and ends up being the wrong person, they don't realize because they are not in love with the person but with the idea of being in love. That is why they end up with the wrong person all the time and are slaves to a very toxic relationship and most of times they are scared of leaving because there is that fear that they would not find anyone else who will love them again. But the truth is, being in a relationship means being absolutely yourself with that person and accepting that other person too by who they are and not depending on each other but co-existing together, learning from each other, being a positive influence, pushing each other forward.

So, single people out there, can we just enjoy this moment that we have to ourselves? We owe it to our souls too, to understand ourselves better. Because when we made peace with ourselves and we understand who we are, we will also understand who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Just like Ru always says:

                                             CAN I GET AN AMEN UP IN HEARE?

 Or as Alice put it in the movie:

"The thing about being single is, you should cherish it. Because in a week, or in a lifetime of being alone, you may only get one moment. One moment when you are not tied up in a relationship with anyone. One moment when you stand on your own. Really truly single...and then, it's gone"

Would you look at those sandals

Would you look at those sandals

Looking Through Photographs: Lewis W. Hine

26 May 2016

Photography has always been an interest of mine. I just love how if you want to travel back in time, you can look through a photo and it will give you the sense of how things were back then. You can imagine what that person in the photo was like, what they were doing or where they ended up in their lives or if its a place, who frequented there, what were the things that took place and so one. It's fascinating to me how we found a way to capture that one moment in time forever, it's precious because not many things are (although technically that photo can be destroyed, not having the power of being forever but you know what I mean). Isn't it weird when you are going through your old photo albums and you see yourself as a baby or kid? It's so weird because it's your current you looking at your old you... I don't know about you, but for me this concept is so bizarre... and cool! I am not weird okay.

I am currently enrolled in a course called "Seeing Through Photographs" offered by The Museum Of Modern Art (through So far I am learning about the American photographer Lewis W. Hine and I literally spent the whole day reading about him. One of the reasons you take this course is for you to be more literate in the world of photography, to understand that each photo has been constructed in such a way to communicate a message, it posses a reason and how its role influence society and beyond.

Mr. Hine played a great influence on social issues, he not only was a photographer but also a sociologist. He is known for numerous projects of course, but the one that surpasses all is his series of photographs that influenced in the formation of child labor rights in America during the 1900's. Back then it wasn't abnormal for children to be working, after all, the families needed the help of their kids on the farm. But then other people started using (rather abusing) the work the kids offered in the farms than later on went into other areas such as factories thanks to the industrial development. Due to the large mass of migration to the United States from mainly Europe, child labour grew immensely and things just went out of control. I mean, we are still battling the issue of proper working conditions today (like in the sweatshops situation), you can only imagine how it was back then! Some examples down below show how these poor kids were found, its heartbreaking. He also took photographs to record the tough and dangerous process of constructing the Empire State Building (these in particular give me such vertigo).

Looking at these photographs, I want you to really stop in each one and feel it, feel the surroundings, the details, machines, the people in it, what they were wearing, what was their facial expressions or what they were doing. Just try to create a story behind each of them and feel the whole atmosphere...just try to let yourself travel back in time. All these people are probably gone from the face of the Earth by now but here, in these photos, they remain forever. Just as some of the ancient Native American tribes believed that in every photo, the soul of the person is stolen away, maybe in these photos we can believe that a part of these people's souls remain alive through them.


In the following photos, can we just please acknowledge how courageous these men were to go all the way uppppp and work??! I swear I get such vertigo from these photographs! Its so crazy, not in a million years I would go up there.

If you want to join the course that Im taking through coursera, here's the link :)

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