Monterey International Pop Festival of '67

16 Mar 2016

I do believe that I might have been born in the wrong decade... despite the medical advancements and technology (hello mac and Iphones!) of today then I will have no problem in traveling back in time, specifically around the 60's, at Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967 to be precise.

Monterey was not just a music festival, it was the moment that marked the beginning of the career of so many music icons that remain forever in history. For starters, Jimi Hendrix. After he went to the UK to further launch his career, he went back to the US to perform at Monterey for the first time as The Jimi Hendrix Experience. It was such an important and remarkable moment since no one knew who he was, his style of music was something foreign, but just imagine being there to witness Jimi playing the guitar!! Apparently he was really really, like really good (just apparently). I mean, sure, right now we all know him and how amazing he was with his guitar, it's like old news. But being there, in 1967, when Jimi, for the first time everrr in the US, making his debut and starting to rock the hell out off of that guitar on that stage! He could play the guitar with his teeth!! With the teeth! He just seemed so extremely alive and like he was in a completely different world. His guitar and him were one single thing, just like me and gummy bears. I can only imagine how exhilarating it must've been to experience the Jimi Hendrix Experience. And just as a side note guys, it was in this very music festival that the famous smashing the guitar during a performance was born, invented, of course, by Sir Jimi himself...

Such a wild thing amirite? Ha-ha. 

Another aah-mazing singer that made her first appearance was the beautiful Janis Joplin! Just like Jimi, it would have been just honestly beyond amazing to be there. Some other unbelievable performances were also from The Who, The Mama's & The Papa's, Ravi Shankar among many, many other cool bands/solo artists, just as seen below in the schedule list of performances.

I honestly freak out every time I read this. I mean, Jefferson Airplane? The Byrds?! THE FREAKING BEACH BOYS?! In fact, I first heard about the Monterey Pop Festival thanks to the Jefferson Airplane with their song White Rabbit in a video recorded during their performance at the festival. And then from there it started a long obsession over this event in time for me.

So Monterey Pop Festival was not only an (non-profit) event that hosted historical performances from various recognized artists but also, thanks to the documentary made (how awesome is this??! That people like me, who only wish to have physically been there, can still see and virtually witness that really special moment in time?!) it's possible to get that feeling of the 60's era, the vibes of the starting of summer of love, and of great value to observe the fashion element.


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