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18 Feb 2016

'Ello everyone! I've been absent for the longest time, shocker. I've been working on some posts but they are taking longer than I expected. This post is something of a quick share. For my retailing class, we had to come up with a retail concept, the whole selecting a target market, vision and mission statement, value proposition, etc. Whenever assignments like such come up, I always first think of doing something related to retro clothing or androgynous style, but we all took a survey that was assigned in class with questions like "do you consider yourself fashion forward?" "How much money do you spend monthly over apparel?". The questions I based my retail concept to be were:

- Do you prefer plain clothes over patterned ones?
- Do you get bored easily with the clothes in your closet?
- General style and lifestyle descriptions - most common words were casual, laid back, sporty, busy.

So based on those three questions, I came up with the idea of  "Cool Vibes" which is a company that focuses on providing items that are minimalistic in nature, pretty basic pieces with the intention of minimizing fast fashion item consumption. Think about it, clothes in today's society are so replaceable, with minimal value since one, they were cheap, and second, that trend will go out of style anyways soon enough. I strongly believe thought that the minimalist trend is one of the most classic, timeless ones. It is so simple to dress minimalist, plus you look hella fashionable and chic, theres nothing better than being in a good plain black and white (or gray or any light color shades) aesthetic.

My imaginary target consumer is the type of women who has a busy lifestyle but at the same time she likes to relax, she is careen driven/goal oriented, fashion forward but casual that cares for the environment. If you purchase plain, basic items, you would never forget them in the Narnia world that is your closet, those items will always be there for you since they can match with literally any other pieces. So you don't have to constantly buy them each season, once you bought them, you are set for a good amount of years ahead. This creates value towards the product money wise, since you wont have to spend it on something new, and emotionally wise, since you create that strong bong with your favorite piece of clothes (is that just me?? I honestly have my "closest friends" items and the "meh" ones).

Fast fashion honestly is a complex topic that I really don't know for how much time it will be around, but hopefully positive changes will come up for the fashion industry (and the other types of industry that are affected by this topic too). We can however, look for short cuts if you will, that will help contain this issue, hence the vision of Cool Vibes :)

What do you guys think? Would you buy from Cool Vibes? 

PS: a portion of the profits will go to a not-decided-yet charity organization, high quality products of course, in the price range of moderate (so around less than $200) made of mostly sustainable fabric with a fair trade platform.

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