Jean Michel Basquiat

3 Feb 2016

As a fashion student, I usually tend to surround myself with information that only consist of fashion, so fashion shows, the trends of the season, street style, watch documentaries about fashion. But what I really should be doing is to also put emphasis on other areas such as art. After all, fashion is such a strong force that its influenced by so many aspects. I think I've seen all fashion documentaries there is out there so I was looking documentaries about art and culture. I found some really good ones, I made a list that I'll share with you guys in a further post. The one I've seen recently was of the one and only Jean Michel Basquiat.

Honestly I was so glad I found him. He was such a genius! It's so tragic that he died so young. He firstly was involved with graffiti art around Manhattan, signing them with SAMO (apparently this meant "same old shiz"). It was kind of like a Banksy vibe since people did not know who "samo" was. It took a while for Basquiat to become an artist since he was also involved in a music band before. He is famously known for having an immense influence from Mr.Warhol, the two of them came to be really good friends at the end. There is so much to talk about Basquiat I could honestly write a whole essay! You guys should totally watch his documentary. Here is the link I watched it form:

"The Radiant Child"

Not sure this is from Basquiat or just an influenced project

Untitled (1981)

In Italian (1983)

Bird On Money (1981)

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