Trend Forecast 16/17- Childrenswear

8 Jan 2016

This is the second part of my project for trend forecasting class and focuses on childrenswear. I predicted a trend that would be a splash of rainbow, as the title suggests, something fun that the kids will enjoy. Most of times getting dressed for a kid is absolute nightmare, to some kids at least, the ones I know (I was one of them too, I hated getting dressed) or also the kids that dress themselves...well it doesn't really scream fashion. It might end up in mismatch or having tons of color combination, which is natural since kids love color. So why not give it a break for them and just make it a trend? Let them decide what they want to wear. Matching lime green with orange? why not! Let them have fun!!  To add that touch of rainbow appearance, the stripes print will be an awesome effect and with the bell shape silhouette with tulle materials, it will give the girls a feeling of princess/ballerina!

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