Fashion No-No's

10 Jan 2016

Who am I to say what is wrong and what is right? After all we all know the famous "learn the rules so you know how to break them" words. The amazing and marvelous thing about fashion is that it's a form of expression, you can tell the whole world who you are without saying a word (by principle, because we can literally have so many styles and not necessarily represent of who we really are).

But,  how do we tell whether a combination of clothes is fashionable/stylish or not? This is such a hard question. I honestly could not care less of your clothing choices, everyone is entitled to wear whatever the hell you want, I mean, Miley knows it very well, however there are indeed some items that when worn makes you feel like "why?!!! how?? no!"

The element of comfort is what most people look for, but unfortuntaely most of times the products that are aestethically pleasing and products that mainly exist for functionality purposes don't really mixed up. Have you EVER seen a stylish fanny pack worn by fashion bloggers? No because they are not stylish. At.all.

So here is a list of items (that personally would never wear and makes me have nightmares) that are worth mention and taking a closer look at.

Disclaimer: I am not whatsoever talking trash about these companies directly, I bet they are doing great and have a good amount of customer purchases, what Im only trying to say here is that if you would  like to dress more fashionable, you wouldn't go exactly for these products, unless you would want to be the opposite of it.

1. Crocs

Of course the number one thing that will firstly be mention are crocs. Freaking crocs. I mean...crocs. They can be comfortable and blah blah blah, the classical excuse in fashion: "but they are comfortable!", unfortunately all the "fashionable" things makes you suffer. Apparently beauty is pain so let's quit whining and confront the dark side of the fashion force.

For kids are totally adorable and it's understandable that they are comfortable for uniform purposes but if you are trying to be stylish, not so much. Have you heard about sneakers? They are also comfortable (here is this word again) AND they actually look great. You have so many different aesthetics you can chose from.

2. Jesus sandals

Also known as the hiking sandals. This one, I can't even deal with this one. It kills me straight away. It burns my eyes. I can't, I just can't.

You can tell me that they are great for hiking and you wouldn't want to be stylish for things like such activities but let me tell you something: for most of the fashion crew, there is not rest for the wicked.

3. Fanny Packs

This list just keeps getting worse. Fanny Packs are so extremely awkward. Sure they may be practical and all but as I previously mentioned, what is practical is not really stylish (most of times). Did I say how awkward they are?? Something popping out randomly from your waist. Gross, so creepy.
 It doesn't matter what color or pattern they have, no, it would not work. Just stop. NEXT, please.

4. Any Sandals + Socks

For the love of Lagerfeld. I truly do not understand how people can leave their houses with these. Why dont you just wear your underwear in your head too? Oh, and your camera hanging in your neck with cargo shorts.

I would have to say though, these people have their confidence rocket flying.

5. Cargo Shorts

Lots of men wear this unfortunately. It doesn't matter if you have amazing genes, if you wear cargo shorts, it would still look bad on you.

Wear this with either flip flops or flip flops and socks, and you'll be ready to turn heads, heads that are  wondering what on Earth was this guy thinking??

6. Printed Leggins

We all mess up. Fashion is not an excuse. There will always be trends (or fads in this case) that we surely were victims of but later on we questioned ourselves why, why did we wear such hideous things.

My personal favorite one being the animal print on top of an animal print shirt and uggs.

7. Oversized polo-shirts

Unless it's for your uniform at work then leave it AT work. There's nothing stylish about this piece of clothes, nothing at all.

You might wear it as pjs...yeah, that could work.

8. Ugg Boots

They might be warm and comfortable, but I would honestly leave it to wear it at my house. They look like they would go only with your pajamas and that's it. People wear these with skirts!! whyyy.

9. Flip Flops

Okay okay, flip flops are not that bad. But I honestly dislike them so much that you would never ever see me out in public with them, except if I'm on the beach or near a pool. Other than that, flip flops, I'll see you later when I get home.

10. Skirt Jeans

You may say otherwise but I find them extremely hideous. I'm not really a jeans person (although I do use them often), I can do with denim from now and then but skirts in denim? Please no. It's just like trying the word "fetch" to happen.

Conclusion: Fetch is equal to skirt jeans (sorry Gretchen)

These are just some of the fashion no no's that you could ever wear. Im sure there's plenty more...which ones do you think are a fashion crime? 

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