Trend Forecast 16-17

9 Dec 2015

Since I've been MIA for the past... half a year really, then I will be posting lots and late projects, visits and travels that I did these past months. This semester I got the amazing opportunity to study at UAL- London College of Fashion and so this is one of the projects we had to do for my forecasting class. We had to predict a trend for next year. This is my womenswear prediction. Notice that I did not specify if it was AW or SS, that is simply because, well, I am not sure. The color pink can go either ways, but then the silhouette is just a bit summer-y and the mood board can also go both ways, for the seasons. So my final conclusion is: This trend could be seen and applied to both seasons :)

I've attended a seminar given by a member of WGSN during Pure London during the summer and they shared key elements for trend prediction in the two years to follow. Since lately the trend inclined more to casual wear/sports wear with sneakers being a really huge element (using basically sneakers for everything, like a tuxedo AND sneakers?) and with relaxed fitting, then the prediction goes that it will move towards a more feminine approach, pink being a relevant hue. (hilarious I know, how pink and femininity goes hand in hand). The fitting will also be more body-con with drapery, just as the pictures from the silhouette slide shows.

For my moldboard, I predicted that this trend will focus those aspects mentioned above from WGSN as well as possessing elements of freshness, fluidity and I think that the transition would be a smooth one in terms of relaxed fitting with casual wear, so moving through femininity, the fit will still be a bit loose but at the same time more fitted (if that makes sense...honestly sometimes what I say, or type doesn't make sense). Then the fabrics will be fresh, that captures moisture well. I chose milk fabric, even though it has been going around for a long time, I think that its still an innovation for the future since it hydrates skin while wearing it.

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