Bath: City Sightseeings Part II

9 Jul 2015

My laptop broke. It's funny how lost we feel when that happens, or when your phone stops working or any other technology. I would like to say that I can't rely on technology but now a days thats the center of everything. I was supposed to upload this post a while back so it was the follow up post for the first Bath Sightseeing post. So many things have happened and I wanted to share all of them with you guys, so I'll have lots of writing to do this week.

So, with that being said, here is finally the second part of the Bath Sightseeings! The actual photos form the Roman Baths. I remember reading about them when I was learning about the Roman Civilisation and I thought it was so interesting on how delicate and complex the whole process (of bathing) was. They had couple of these little pools in different rooms, so depending on what "stage" they were, they had their own specific rooms with varying temperatures. They had to go to a cold bath then a warm one and then into another little pool and another was an exhausting journey but apparently very spa-ish rewarding and it was the perfect place to socialise, although men and women did not mix together, they came in into different times of the day. I guess it would be like a day at the community pool but adding some spa into it and other little things as a library and theatre?

The place had a little museum inside with other cool things like their dishes, cups, and notes they wrote on about vulgars and robberies that had occurred. Did I mention these notes were metal? Crazy shiz. I also bought some soaps and lip balm. They smelled so-freaking-good.

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