Going to the Pink Side of life

24 May 2015

It's been literally two years since I've wanted to dye my hair pink, even before the trend became popular. It first started with the obsession with lavender hair, then it switched to silver and pink, back and forth actually. Even now I still want the lavender and silver, but I can proudly say I finally tried the most awaited color everrrr: pink.

After watching millions of YouTube videos talking on how to get pink hair, pastel pink hair to be exact since pink and pastel are clearly very different shades, I decided to just go for it. Its been always the mental and emotional preparation of dying it pink, going to the salon, and getting all my pink hopes shattered by the hair stylist telling me it will be damaging to my hair which is true. Bleaching is very damaging to the hair but if you take proper care of it then you can have a very healthy looking hair. My natural hair color is a dark brown, but I already bleached it by having blond highlights and during spring break I went even blonder.

So, what I originally wanted to do was to bleach all my hair to the point it was platinum, silver tone and then on top of that go pink first, and as it washes out, try the lavender color. However, all of that would require something called money, which is somewhat necessary for survival, just somewhat. Being a college student and all... money seems like prince charming, something that does not exist, so keeping it real I just decided to put the color on top of my current color, which honestly it was not a bad idea.. or that's what I thought.

The thing is, my roots were pretty bad at this point, so when I put the Bleach London Rose it looked good at first but the color did not get to all parts evenly, so it literally looked like a neapolitan ice cream flavor, especially in the front part which is the most important side of all. So then I needed to retouch my roots asap as possible and my mom did it for me..but the outcome seems like someone threw up on me. It is that bad. Now I think I should sell a kidney and go to the salon to get the whole mess fixed.

Anyways, here are the things that I used for the interesting experience:

From what I've seen in the YouTube videos, they mix a bit of the dye color with conditioner, so that's what I did... but since the Rose is already very light, it is not worth doing it. I did not see any change doing so.

I just hope I took the right choice because you guys, look at that shade of blond...it was a really good one and I don't want it to go to waste.

Some Advices:

- Make sure you have a good base of blond (preferably a very light shade)

- If you have roots showing, get them done first by a professional (that is, if you do not know already how to do it yourself, but in a proper way)

- Do not forget to use lots and lots of caring products so you can keep your hair very good looking.

- Rock it! Do not be shy to wear this color. It's such a fun color that it will brighten someone's day for sure.

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