Spring/Summer trends to die for

28 Mar 2015

Sooo....it is that time of the month again.

Yes, that time that you are completely tied up and cannot whatsoever, at all costs, buy anything online, sad face emoji. It is depressing enough that it is spring, my favorite season of them all, and while there are really cute and interesting spring styles coming out, I can't do anything about it but to just glance over.

I'm currently to the point that I insist to my friends who recently had purchased online clothing to show them to me, this is the way I get satisfaction -in pretending to- receive new clothes to ma bodayor simply watch Youtube Haul videos from fashion bloggers. So yeah, what I do is just go to the websites and cry about all the beautiful, cool clothes especially if the trends are extremely interesting to try them out. Here is a list of some of the spring/summer 15 trends that are really, really cute and if I had a job and thus, money, I would spend it like there was no tomorrow.

1. The Boho Style/70's wannabe

This style basically consists of lots and lots of fringes, suede everything, denim, nude/light hues with a combo of crazy patterns and tight fitted (crop tops) with kimonos and oversized pants (palazzo pants). It's a perfect look for festivals such as Coachella, a picnic, brunch with friends and taking amazing Instagram pics.

2. The Cool Chick

I've always been those that wore lots of colors, and although having pop of color now and then is good, my kind of pop was with an added "o". Spring/Summer is known for the use of colors and florals, the most unexpected of them all. Butttt black and white is a classic style that would never ever not fit into any occasion or season. Plus its such a badazz look (you can add some silver or gold to give it life to the whole look)

3. Denim Barf

Just as the title suggest, it looks like the queen of denim barfed on you. But hey, it is def not a bad look at all. Personally Im not too keen in using jeans specifically because its something that its over-used, but Im tots digging the variety of styles as boyfriend jeans, mom's jeans, baby's jeans...whatever you name it. They are totally different and with a denim jacket, it looks like a 90's vibe so itzal good for me.

4. Rainbow

I mean, what is spring and summer without color?

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