Spring Makeup Favorites

30 Mar 2015

Spring is my favorite season, not because you can "experiment with color and florals (shocker)" because color is pretty much present in all seasons now, but its usually not too hot or too cold, plus the flowers are flourishing and the birds are chirping and there are unicorns running around, just like a Disney movie pretty much. 

Just as I have mentioned already, Im not a big fan of using make up -although Im growing fondly of them very slowly- I still have some products that I find them appealing and would like to try. Im particularly fascinated by the current makeup trend because it is contradictory to itself. There is the "au natural" look which just the lucky ones who have very perfectly good looking skin can really say they aren't wearing makeup and there is the crazy, neon pop of color makeup trend. We all like to have the pleasure of owning branded products and thankfully makeup is an affordable line of goods (in comparison with a $5,000 bag). So here are some of my favorite makeup products for spring :)

Keeping to the minimal and natural as possible, using matte colors for the lips, adding a bit of lipgloss to give a little of shine from Mac Cosmetics. To give a glow to the whole visage, I like to add some glitter type of eyeshadow to my eyes since Im wearing makeup might as well make something stand out, L'oreal is having the perfect collection called "Infallible" which, ladies and gents, is of 24 Hrs usage (errmagawd). And of course, hydrating cream is always a must. 

I've never own such a colorful palette of eyeshadow as the picture below, excluding the ones that are made for kids. I would def would want to buy one though. I just think it would be fun to put some uncommon color of eyeshadow and of course with a nude lipstick to keep the balance and not look like a clown. To be honest I haven't bought any products from Sleek but I've heard very good reviews. Nars, we all know Nars. The bronzer is from H&M and they are not only really cheap, but they are good quality as well. 

I know, I know... there are basically lip balms only but what can I say? You gotta keep them lips kissable ;) Im obsessed with lip balms because my lips are always dry and its very uncomfortable, maybe its because I don't drink enough water. So maybe the lip balms are my kind of water, it literally lasts for only like a week (specially the flavored ones). Eyeliner? yes, although I still cannot do the eyecat thing. Blush in a rose shape, a dream, and of course the different pencils and brushes for everything. That chanel lipstick? Finally there is a product that I actually own! And its brilliant, it not only hydrates your lips but its also a very delicate color, and it smells amazing. 

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