80's Obsession

8 Mar 2015

I've always like vintage stuff, things that are hard to have and that nobody else have. I completely detest when something is so common and literally almost everyone have them, so Im not much of a trend follower, only if I like the trend I would try it too, otherwise I won't bother.

Right now Im in the phase that I want to experiment with different styles. My closet at the moment is b o r i n g as hell. I used to look forward for the mornings just so I can look through my closet and chose the perfect OOTD (Im not much of a morning person so that was my main motivation). Now, I spend three hours going around every single item of clothing I own, which does not mean I own lots of them, I go min five times through each item. I mean, wearing the same clothing item within the same week?? Who does that??

My favorite time in history will have to be the 80's. Not much in the cinema field because I honestly do not get 80's movies, but mostly the music and the fashion of the time. I am crazyyy to dress up like the 80's! Sounds terribly crazy I know, but not entirely, like with the shoulder pads and leg warmers with the crazy hair, okay, maybe I'll try the "I woke up like this" (literally) hair style. But with the crazy color combination and the crazy prints. I just think it was such a lively time to be in, with so much pop of color around! And the loose, baggy clothing, I must try them.

AAAAND, as seen in the current runways, some of the 80's is coming back! Balmain, Versace, Saint Laurent during Paris Fashion Week?? This is perrrfect. So I guess when I try bits and bits of the 80's trends now it wouldn't look as weird since its on trend? (And a trend that I completely absolutely agree with and on board with)


I've also found two online stores that they sell 80's/90's inspired clothing. It honestly took me so much surfing around internet to find them! But Im so glad I did, the items they have are amazing!!

The first store is called "Brooklyn Voyager" and sell their products through etsy.com


The second online store is by "Emmamul Holland"


Oh! And I also customized an adidas that I must share with you guys! It looks so cool.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think I should go for it??

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