Spring Makeup Favorites

30 Mar 2015

Spring is my favorite season, not because you can "experiment with color and florals (shocker)" because color is pretty much present in all seasons now, but its usually not too hot or too cold, plus the flowers are flourishing and the birds are chirping and there are unicorns running around, just like a Disney movie pretty much. 

Just as I have mentioned already, Im not a big fan of using make up -although Im growing fondly of them very slowly- I still have some products that I find them appealing and would like to try. Im particularly fascinated by the current makeup trend because it is contradictory to itself. There is the "au natural" look which just the lucky ones who have very perfectly good looking skin can really say they aren't wearing makeup and there is the crazy, neon pop of color makeup trend. We all like to have the pleasure of owning branded products and thankfully makeup is an affordable line of goods (in comparison with a $5,000 bag). So here are some of my favorite makeup products for spring :)

Keeping to the minimal and natural as possible, using matte colors for the lips, adding a bit of lipgloss to give a little of shine from Mac Cosmetics. To give a glow to the whole visage, I like to add some glitter type of eyeshadow to my eyes since Im wearing makeup might as well make something stand out, L'oreal is having the perfect collection called "Infallible" which, ladies and gents, is of 24 Hrs usage (errmagawd). And of course, hydrating cream is always a must. 

I've never own such a colorful palette of eyeshadow as the picture below, excluding the ones that are made for kids. I would def would want to buy one though. I just think it would be fun to put some uncommon color of eyeshadow and of course with a nude lipstick to keep the balance and not look like a clown. To be honest I haven't bought any products from Sleek but I've heard very good reviews. Nars, we all know Nars. The bronzer is from H&M and they are not only really cheap, but they are good quality as well. 

I know, I know... there are basically lip balms only but what can I say? You gotta keep them lips kissable ;) Im obsessed with lip balms because my lips are always dry and its very uncomfortable, maybe its because I don't drink enough water. So maybe the lip balms are my kind of water, it literally lasts for only like a week (specially the flavored ones). Eyeliner? yes, although I still cannot do the eyecat thing. Blush in a rose shape, a dream, and of course the different pencils and brushes for everything. That chanel lipstick? Finally there is a product that I actually own! And its brilliant, it not only hydrates your lips but its also a very delicate color, and it smells amazing. 

Metal chic

29 Mar 2015

Spring/Summer trends to die for

28 Mar 2015

Sooo....it is that time of the month again.

Yes, that time that you are completely tied up and cannot whatsoever, at all costs, buy anything online, sad face emoji. It is depressing enough that it is spring, my favorite season of them all, and while there are really cute and interesting spring styles coming out, I can't do anything about it but to just glance over.

I'm currently to the point that I insist to my friends who recently had purchased online clothing to show them to me, this is the way I get satisfaction -in pretending to- receive new clothes to ma bodayor simply watch Youtube Haul videos from fashion bloggers. So yeah, what I do is just go to the websites and cry about all the beautiful, cool clothes especially if the trends are extremely interesting to try them out. Here is a list of some of the spring/summer 15 trends that are really, really cute and if I had a job and thus, money, I would spend it like there was no tomorrow.

1. The Boho Style/70's wannabe

This style basically consists of lots and lots of fringes, suede everything, denim, nude/light hues with a combo of crazy patterns and tight fitted (crop tops) with kimonos and oversized pants (palazzo pants). It's a perfect look for festivals such as Coachella, a picnic, brunch with friends and taking amazing Instagram pics.

2. The Cool Chick

I've always been those that wore lots of colors, and although having pop of color now and then is good, my kind of pop was with an added "o". Spring/Summer is known for the use of colors and florals, the most unexpected of them all. Butttt black and white is a classic style that would never ever not fit into any occasion or season. Plus its such a badazz look (you can add some silver or gold to give it life to the whole look)

3. Denim Barf

Just as the title suggest, it looks like the queen of denim barfed on you. But hey, it is def not a bad look at all. Personally Im not too keen in using jeans specifically because its something that its over-used, but Im tots digging the variety of styles as boyfriend jeans, mom's jeans, baby's jeans...whatever you name it. They are totally different and with a denim jacket, it looks like a 90's vibe so itzal good for me.

4. Rainbow

I mean, what is spring and summer without color?

Clothing from:


Denim in Bloom (Pink&Gold Edition)

12 Mar 2015

Denim in Bloom (Pink&Gold Edition)

Moschino white bustier
$1,135 - farfetch.com

Moschino fuchsia blazer
$2,600 - thecorner.com

Monki slouch jeans
$48 - monki.com

Moschino sandals

Oasis gold face watch
$60 - oasis-stores.com

Rag bone wool hat

Witchery wayfarer glasses
$53 - witchery.com.au

Gucci woven leather belt


11 Mar 2015

Could not be more in LOVE with this make up ideas. They are so perfect. Love the lipstick colors and the little silver touch in the eyes? I'll try but I dont think it will look this great. I must buy some of this products. Cannot wait to try them on myself! (especially the first lipstick shown)

First Youtube Video

9 Mar 2015

The Fashion Tag

Hello my internet people!

Its Monday and we are back at the game of schedule. Hope everyone's morning is going as smooth as a baby bum :3

I had one of the worst nights yesterday. I am so vulnerable in the cold weather, my throat is the main target always, and so its not just a little sore throat, its as if its literally on fire and its being scratched hundreds of time and on top of that its being peeled off (sorry for that nasty imagery but thats how it feels like) And its been a while now that I have some weird thing stuck in my throat. It started last semester and I freaked out because, who likes to have something stuck in their throats and be completely unease about it? Not me. I went to the main hospital of the city, I got an x-Ray and all. Apparently it was nothing, but I swear there is a thing stuck in there. I can feel it moving down slowly, and by slowly I mean, once each month (this started back in November). Im freaking out here because I want it out off of my throat right now! Its really uncomfortable. So I literally slept one hour only because the mysterious thing stuck in my throat was so annoying, and on top of that I got a terrible cold with runny nose, horrible headaches, and body pain.

Anyways, I have no idea how Im back on my feet to start this week. And to make things a little more cheery for anyone who is starting their weeks a bit rocky too, I found this tag called "The Fashion Tag". You are more than welcome to get on the train and do it yourself too. I just love doing tags way too much so this will distract me from being sick a little bit.

1. How would you describe your style?

I would say flexible. I don't really like to settle for one thing only, its fun if you just play around and see which ones match with you (not in relationships tho). But at the moment Im really obsessed with 80's fashion trends as the crazy and colorful prints, as well as at the complete other spectrum, Im in love with the monochromatic style with nude and very light hues. 

2. What are your wardrobe staples? 

My colorful, oversized coats, motorcycle jacket, and my printed clothing items :)

3. Most expensive item in your closet?

My black motorcycle jacket by Guess and boots from an Argentinian Brand 

4. Most wanted item?

I am SO in love with the Celine bag. 

5. Favorite Designer?

I always give two names: Valentino and Versace. They are the perfect representation, basically, of what type of style mindset I have. As said earlier, I don't settle for one specific style only, so Valentino and Versace are complete opposites, just like my type of styles. 

I absolutely LOVE Valentino because their products are not only material, tangible things, they are dreams, hopes and everything nice you could thing of. When I think of Valentino, I think fairytales, magic, kingdom, elegance, delicate, beautiful, marvelous... (I can honestly go on and on) My absolute dream in my life would have to be working at Maison Valentino. And I don't care if I work as the janitor of the place, I just want to be surrounded by that incredible aura they produce. 

Versace in the other hand, words such as powerful, sexy, "look at me b*tch" comes to mind. I love that it has that image that if you wear Versace, you are literally a superhero and can do anything. I just love that contrast these two major house brands portray, that a woman can be her delicate and sensible self while at the same time she can be so powerful and sexy.

6. How much do you spend on clothes?

In real life, at this moment, absolutely nothing. Im so broke (perks of being a college student folks ;) ) but in my head? Billions! I shower myself with Chanel n 5's!

7. What are your favorite places to shop?

I love so many online boutiques (cuz thats where i do most of my shopping). There is Zara, H&M, Topshop, ModCloth, Romwe, Wet Seal, ect. 

8. Favorite Fragrance?

Not fair, this question is not fair. While there are so many amazing and delish fragrances out there, why chose only one? But for the sake of answering the question, I would say the perfume that characterizes me for the longest time: Fantasy by Britney Spears. 

9. Whats your favorite way to do your hair?

Girl bun :)

10. One fashion trend you wish it would have stayed?

The 80's!!

11. Show us your most prized possession from your wardrobe.

80's Obsession

8 Mar 2015

I've always like vintage stuff, things that are hard to have and that nobody else have. I completely detest when something is so common and literally almost everyone have them, so Im not much of a trend follower, only if I like the trend I would try it too, otherwise I won't bother.

Right now Im in the phase that I want to experiment with different styles. My closet at the moment is b o r i n g as hell. I used to look forward for the mornings just so I can look through my closet and chose the perfect OOTD (Im not much of a morning person so that was my main motivation). Now, I spend three hours going around every single item of clothing I own, which does not mean I own lots of them, I go min five times through each item. I mean, wearing the same clothing item within the same week?? Who does that??

My favorite time in history will have to be the 80's. Not much in the cinema field because I honestly do not get 80's movies, but mostly the music and the fashion of the time. I am crazyyy to dress up like the 80's! Sounds terribly crazy I know, but not entirely, like with the shoulder pads and leg warmers with the crazy hair, okay, maybe I'll try the "I woke up like this" (literally) hair style. But with the crazy color combination and the crazy prints. I just think it was such a lively time to be in, with so much pop of color around! And the loose, baggy clothing, I must try them.

AAAAND, as seen in the current runways, some of the 80's is coming back! Balmain, Versace, Saint Laurent during Paris Fashion Week?? This is perrrfect. So I guess when I try bits and bits of the 80's trends now it wouldn't look as weird since its on trend? (And a trend that I completely absolutely agree with and on board with)


I've also found two online stores that they sell 80's/90's inspired clothing. It honestly took me so much surfing around internet to find them! But Im so glad I did, the items they have are amazing!!

The first store is called "Brooklyn Voyager" and sell their products through etsy.com


The second online store is by "Emmamul Holland"


Oh! And I also customized an adidas that I must share with you guys! It looks so cool.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think I should go for it??

Chanel Town

4 Mar 2015

Chanel Town

Chanel boots

Chanel jewellery

Chanel kohl jewelry

Chanel dial watch

Black and white sunglasses

Glossy lipstick

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