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5 Feb 2015

I feel a certain type of peace and spiritual nurture when in a museum. It's a place where you can lose yourself in time and wonder what was it like to live in a different period of time. When I see those artifacts, I imagine who might have belonged to, what was it used for and the value that once that object meant for interesting to also see that the object is still here while that generation of people are long gone.

The paintings are also something else. The colors used, the patterns and the little angels surrounding you its an unbelievable feeling. This might sound a bit odd to say but tourist ruin everything. Just think about it, you are in a place that is extremely valuable, that you should really take your time to appreciate every single detail, every single inch of that space you are in...but then there they are, tourist blocking your way, especially those who are in groups with a guide that explains along the "tour". I just wish I could have the entire time in a museum only for myself. That will be such joy!

I used to be one of "those tourist" too, the ones that go, take a picture, walk, take another picture, think "um thats interesting but lets move on". But you don't really appreciate anything like that. Every time I've been in a place, now that I look back, I can't really say I felt it and breath it because I was way too busy taking pictures.

Isn't ironic that Im saying (writing) all of this but there are pictures above? A bit yes, but this time was WAY too different. I let my family walk in front of me (although they kept telling me to hurry up otherwise we would get separated from each other) and really, REALLY took my time to admire every single thing. Its funny how when you see a painting as a whole, its very pretty but when you start to see detail by detail the story changes. So these pictures I took, it was more of a focus of a part of the museum and they are so like looking through other eyes, through other angles. There are so many things that I would not have noticed if I really didn't stop and stare.

The experience was great. I totally recommend all of you to just take a moment from your busy and really breath the whole experience in and observe everything.

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