Words can hurt too

25 Jan 2015

The absolute thing that REALLY gets on my nerves is when someone completely strange comes up to me and says "You are really short". Do I know you? No, so why the first thing you say to me is that? Even my own friends joke about that and although I don't show it, it bothers the crap out of me. Imagine when a complete stranger says that to me?! I literally want to punch them in the face. 

I still do not understand why people think saying things like that is acceptable...Get on my head for a second and think like me: It is the absolute equivalent of saying to a fat person "oh hi! You are so fat". That doesn't sound nice now does it? Well, news flash! Neither saying "you are too short" to a short person! 

I've always been the shortest person in my grade, you know that typical form-the-line-with-the-shortest-to-tallest, guess who was the first kid? It didn't really bothered me since it wasn't a thing to be bothered with, after all being a kid is so easy and one of the things you worry about is where your crayons are and buy ice cream and candies, not about your figure. But when you hit around middle school, you start to realize things you did not before such as boys, diet, and self-esteem, in my case my height. 

In South America there are short and tall people, its like evenly distributed, so I did not realize it that much either, but when I moved to Africa, to an American School where the cultural diversity is huge, I, for the first time, lost completely my self-esteem. Senegalese are already like models, they are good looking people and very, very tall. In my school too, there were mostly Europeans and they too are very tall (actually everyone is very very tall compared to my height). So I hit rock bottom pretty fast, since I am already short, get it? ha-ha (not funny, ignore this).

I'm still looking for my self-esteem but slowly, taking baby steps I'm picking up the pieces. This year I started with a more positive mindset of everything and of myself, and just when I was in a point in my life that I was almost "getting there", a person comes up to me and says that I am really short. I never ever saw this person in my life, it was the first time we met and he says that about me. It ruined my entire Sunday, maybe my entire week. It was a bit ironic since it was in church and we were just talking about anxiety and negativity, I thought to myself that I was in the right track for starting to accept myself for who I am and realize that I do have so many blessings in my life that do matter more than my height, is not even debatable. But then, out of nowhere, this guy comes to me and says that. Honestly, I felt hurt, very, extremely hurt. 

Some of you may be reading this and think that I am a drama queen for making a fuss out of something little but the thing is that my height is a very delicate issue for me. It breaks my self-esteem and with that my confidence, and you all know that without confidence you lose yourself and start performing extremely poor in everything you do in life. 

Im writing this post to just make you guys, or some of you, to think twice before you say something to somebody else. It may not have been a malicious effort from this guy who said I was short this morning, but it really hurt ME, so it may seem just a word for you but to the other person who you are saying it to may be the biggest weapon you are using towards them to break the little thing they have of self-image.

So please, don't say anything like "you are too short", "too skinny" or "too tall" because these words too can hurt. 

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