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13 Jan 2015

Lately I've been a bit off in catching up with things (my blog for example) and catwalk shows. I might, uh, be far behind on this but I must make a post about it, the collection is way too perfect not to. As I previously mentioned, my favorite brand is Valentino, but in the second place comes the other V brand known as the one and only Versace. They both are complete opposites but reflects perfectly my way of style.

Last morning I was watching Fashion TV and the Spring/Summer '15 collection of Versace came up. Sure Versace is known to use a lot of black so of course the first ensembles were black/black&white. I particularly noticed the shoes first, the heels were transparent! They showed up on black first but then the color ones showed up. Also the cut of the skirt with one leg showing was really cool.

After the black ensembles, it came a combo of black with some pop of color, such as with the use of "fish net" (I think thats what is called). I really really enjoyed that outfit since it was a black fish net on top with a top and bottom underneath of a vibrant color, matching accessories as the same color as the ensemble underneath.

The "fish net" was also used in color or incorporated as a homogeneous ensemble with all same hues. This element, I think is very innovative, chic and most importantly for summer/spring weather? Forget about those unnecessary and unwanted sweat (ew).

So by now, the runway was presented by colors, fish net elements, transparent heels... lets not forget about the accessories! Versace is known for its bold and sexy reputation so bold accessories couldn't be missed off of the equation. My personal favorite? The rectangular handbag!

 Colors colors colors, it was all about an explosion of colors later on.. and metallics with bling bling on them. Another super duper important element of Versace is the use of its greek pattern as it can be seen in some of the dresses and shirts.

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