THE scarf of the month (season maybe?)

11 Jan 2015

We all know the one thing that gives out Burberry, its classic squared, line pattern. Since I visited my family here in London for the holidays I started seeing here first that everyone suddenly were wearing a Burberry scarf.. or thats what I thought it was.

My naive self kept wondering why all of a sudden everyone was wearing a Burberry scarf, Burberry! I can't even afford target sometimes. We took a three day vacation in Italy last week and I saw A LOT of the "Burberry scarf" too. And thats when I saw some men on the streets selling scarves, mostly the Burberry knock off. Of course they wouldn't be the only ones selling, you can find knock offs everywhere, its the cycle of fashion.

I honestly hate when something becomes too common, but I got to admit that this scarf looks great in a variety of looks. You can either match it with a fancy, well put outfit and at the same time with a casual, jean type of look. I wish I had taken some pictures of the street style of people with the scarf but I still got to figure out how to be cheeky instead of creepy when taking pictures of other people on the streets...

It was fun too to try to guess which ones were the original Burberry and which  one was a knock off, which made me wonder also how much knock offs do people wear? What are the actual designer brand products they do own? Knock offs are a rather natural force in the fashion industry but I think it got to be controlled in certain cases just as this particular situation. The pattern is way too obvious that it belongs to Burberry and having a knock off out of this product is an offense to the company in my opinion.

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