Autumn-Winter 015 Trends

15 Dec 2015

*And yes, I'm aware that its supposed to be In winter instead of On... 

Trend Forecast 16-17

9 Dec 2015

Since I've been MIA for the past... half a year really, then I will be posting lots and late projects, visits and travels that I did these past months. This semester I got the amazing opportunity to study at UAL- London College of Fashion and so this is one of the projects we had to do for my forecasting class. We had to predict a trend for next year. This is my womenswear prediction. Notice that I did not specify if it was AW or SS, that is simply because, well, I am not sure. The color pink can go either ways, but then the silhouette is just a bit summer-y and the mood board can also go both ways, for the seasons. So my final conclusion is: This trend could be seen and applied to both seasons :)

I've attended a seminar given by a member of WGSN during Pure London during the summer and they shared key elements for trend prediction in the two years to follow. Since lately the trend inclined more to casual wear/sports wear with sneakers being a really huge element (using basically sneakers for everything, like a tuxedo AND sneakers?) and with relaxed fitting, then the prediction goes that it will move towards a more feminine approach, pink being a relevant hue. (hilarious I know, how pink and femininity goes hand in hand). The fitting will also be more body-con with drapery, just as the pictures from the silhouette slide shows.

For my moldboard, I predicted that this trend will focus those aspects mentioned above from WGSN as well as possessing elements of freshness, fluidity and I think that the transition would be a smooth one in terms of relaxed fitting with casual wear, so moving through femininity, the fit will still be a bit loose but at the same time more fitted (if that makes sense...honestly sometimes what I say, or type doesn't make sense). Then the fabrics will be fresh, that captures moisture well. I chose milk fabric, even though it has been going around for a long time, I think that its still an innovation for the future since it hydrates skin while wearing it.

Style is ready! Today's menu: Boots.

6 Dec 2015

* From Man Repeller's tumblr page.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

MANGO wool coat

SWEET MANGO high heel boots
£69 -

Bling Jewelry bracelet charm
£99 -

Michael Kors necklace
£83 -

Stackable ring

Topshop pendant

Linda Farrow round sunglasses
£630 -

Tommy Hilfiger leather glove
£39 -

Beanie hat

Dolce Gabbana red lipstick
£24 -

Lime Crime mineral makeup
£8.60 -

Forever 21 pencil eyeliner
£5.89 -

Topshop glitter eyeshadow
£4.63 -

Topshop glitter eyeshadow
£4.63 -

Essie nail polish
£5.62 -


29 Nov 2015

Hello Everyone!!

It's been months since I've written anything. Honestly I just procrastinated way too much and let the laziness run my life. I kind of also derail myself in the purposes of having this blog, what is the reason I have it in the first place? What is it that I want to achieve? Questions as such couldn't leave my mind and I've been thinking for the past... 4  months is it? I know its such a long time but it felt just like days.

I just wanted to create a place where I freely wrote about things I wanted, to give my opinion about something, to write about trends or things that are happening, but most importantly, to be a voice of encouragement for all of you. The internet is filled of many things, either positive or negative, and we are constantly bombarded with the "perfect life" like the pictures we see in our instagram feeds, or in twitter. So I just want to give that support and word of encouragement that tells you and assure you that the life each one of us have, it can be perfect too, that we can create our little "perfect" world (Although such thing as perfect is just a fantasy really). Building a career within the fashion industry, I am constantly surrounded by beautiful and inspirational things but as just any other industry, it also has its bad sides, which would be the "perfect" (there is that annoying word again) body type, face, and whatever other things. Actually you don't even need to be in fashion school to be surrounded by that since literally all of us are influenced by things like beauty. But as being a fashion student, I feel obliged to do something about it, to show you, a "regular" costumer walking around the streets that fashion is more than physical beauty...I promise you, it is WAY more than that.

From now on I will do my best to post regularly and things that will make you feel inspired and good about yourself. I want to be a positive space in the internet world, I just want to be your friend! (Sorry if that sounds creepy, but not like the catfish situation and all that weird thing, just a genuine human soul that its here for you). I want to also apologize for my writing skills, they are horrible and at times, that is mostly, my writing doesn't make sense at all.

So, if any of you have any feedback or opinion on what you would want me to write about or post, feel free to contact me!


Bath: City Sightseeings Part II

9 Jul 2015

My laptop broke. It's funny how lost we feel when that happens, or when your phone stops working or any other technology. I would like to say that I can't rely on technology but now a days thats the center of everything. I was supposed to upload this post a while back so it was the follow up post for the first Bath Sightseeing post. So many things have happened and I wanted to share all of them with you guys, so I'll have lots of writing to do this week.

So, with that being said, here is finally the second part of the Bath Sightseeings! The actual photos form the Roman Baths. I remember reading about them when I was learning about the Roman Civilisation and I thought it was so interesting on how delicate and complex the whole process (of bathing) was. They had couple of these little pools in different rooms, so depending on what "stage" they were, they had their own specific rooms with varying temperatures. They had to go to a cold bath then a warm one and then into another little pool and another was an exhausting journey but apparently very spa-ish rewarding and it was the perfect place to socialise, although men and women did not mix together, they came in into different times of the day. I guess it would be like a day at the community pool but adding some spa into it and other little things as a library and theatre?

The place had a little museum inside with other cool things like their dishes, cups, and notes they wrote on about vulgars and robberies that had occurred. Did I mention these notes were metal? Crazy shiz. I also bought some soaps and lip balm. They smelled so-freaking-good.

Sporty glam

22 Jun 2015

Sporty glam

Black crop top
£25 -

Leather purse
£2,495 -

Lynn Ban black diamond ring
£1,450 -

Nixon triple crown
£49 -

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses

Urban Decay mascara
£7.58 -

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