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30 Dec 2014

Hi Everyone!

I just found this amazing magazine that their targeted audience are kids! How cool is that? Maybe you are all thinking "ummm...haven't you seen that there are magazines for all types of audiences?" Well, I wasn't aware that there was a magazine fashion conscious for kids, and I think thats great for multiple of reasons.

Fashion is a medium to express style and individuality of an individual, so for instance, it is never too early to start developing that element of life. H.O.N.Y (Humans of New York) if you guys are not aware of, its a project that focuses on photographs with stories attached of the people who had been photographed. One of them tells a story of a woman who teaches pre-school, and she wanted her class to be more socially conscious, such as the case of Trayvon Martin by decorating cards for mother's day for Trayvon's mom. She got fired because of it, she just wanted to teach (show actually because you cannot really teach those values) sympathy and empathy at an earlier age.

I totally agree that just because they are kids it doesn't mean that they are not aware of what is going on. Sure they need some guidance but they know what they do and do not like. Same thing goes with the topic of fashion. Just because they are kids doesn't mean that they do not know how to dress and do not know what they like best, which color, which style...

I remember my little sister used to change outfits three times a day, and her ensembles were incredibly creative and stylish. Kids do have an eye for fashion. And this magazine, La Petite is supporting this idea and I love it! You guys should totally check it out.

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