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4 Dec 2014

Hi People!

Hair is something we are all concerned about. Is just as much important as eyebrows (what am I saying?), just imagine if you accidentally shaved one or half of your eyebrow. That would be a nightmare. So basically is just the same level of seriousness when it comes to the hair. You probably don't get up and just go outside and start your day looking like I-woke-up-like-this style. It requires styling, caring and lots of love for a fabulous and healthy hair looking.

I used to literally wake up, not even brush my hair, and go on with my day. But now, since my hair is dyed, I don't have the pleasure of leaving it as is it, I must apply products in order to look and be healthy. After I dyed my hair, it got very dried since I bleached it. I started using L'oreal products and Kerastase, they really worked well with my hair. There are so many products out there that doesn't really go with me, leaving my hair even more dry than it was at the beginning or it leaves it oily. These products work wonders on me and Im terribly grateful for them.

1. I first apply this product to my wet, unbrushed hair. Its for heat protection when I use the hair drier, it helps to bring out the color of your hair and it also protects from the chemicals you now have. It smells amazing btw. 

2. I used to use oil for my hair but didn't really know its function. Usually after I dried my hair, it looked like a lion with too much freeze. My hairstylist told me that thats why you need the oil, in order to control that freeze status. After I apply the Keratin oil of Kerastase, my hair automatically looks smoother and shinier. I do this after its completely dried, although you can do it before drying it as well. 

3. After the Kerastase product, I use the total repairs extreme for split ends. It also smells so good! And it definitely works. At first I was dubious but it makes your split ends looks "healthier", more decent because lets get real: it won't magically join the split ends together, you'll need a haircut.

4. I have no idea why I put this as the last step since I dry my hair first and THEN I apply the Kerastase oil and then the split end fixer oil. But you can also apply them before drying your hair. I recommend nevertheless to do it after since it gives your hair more control. 

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