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1 Dec 2014

First of December everyone!

Is the last month of the year 2014. How scary is that? This year definitely went by so fast, but to be honest, Im always looking forward to this time of the year when is Christmas! I love everything related to christmas. The decorations, the scented candles, the colors (red and green), and of course, the most important of all, being with the family.

Finals week is fast approaching and all I can think about is to travel to London and be with my family. I miss them terribly! Im so close to them and it always kills me to leave them, it breaks my heart. This semester has been somewhat interesting (yeah, I'll use that word) and Im so ready to be done with it and finally spend time with my familia. This particular christmas will be very exciting since although we are not going back to Paraguay to be with the entire family and friends like most of the year, we will be celebrating at London. I like to spend such holidays in other places of the world so you can really get the feel of how different it is celebrated. I've spent new years eve in Brazil in 2007, Christmas in Ghana in 2012 I believe and they sure are different from what Paraguay is. So I cannot wait to see how in London is celebrated! Im so excited.

December altogether is going to be an amazing month! I can so feel it. I wish you all a good month of December too!

Let's get ready to celebrate!

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