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25 Nov 2014

So people,

After much debate with myself whether I should or shouldn't make videos and post them in Youtube, I finally came to the conclusion of the simple "Why not" statement. I think is a cool way to interact with so many people, make your voice to be heard and just form an amazing community in where you can exchange ideas, opinions with people from around the world and hopefully make a change someday somehow.

I was always scared of creating a Youtube channel. I hate to admit it but I sadly do care tons of what others think of me. Always. Confidence for me does not come easy and its a constant struggle to find a bit of it and believe in myself. And by creating a youtube channel, that would mean lots of hate, lots of judging and criticizing of "why is she doing this? She sucks", lots of cyberbullying. But challenge would not be a challenge if there are no risks.

I recorded my first vlog yesterday when I went to the supermarket and the mall with my roommate. The quality is horrible and since I recorded with my Iphone, the video came out vertically. Most of the times I had NO idea what I was gonna say, and I repeated my words so.many.times. People stared at us because it wasn't only me who was talking to my phone, but my roommate also decided to create a Youtube channel, so it was the both of us. It was fun.

There are so many youtubers that inspired me by how much they are accomplishing and making a change. There is the youtube cute couple, Zoella and Pointless blog who their book just came out (they didnt write a book together, they have separate ones), and Zoe appeared in Vogue! How cool is that? There is JacksGap, who travel around the world and make awareness of different charities which I had donated  to some of them previously thanks to Jacksgap channel. O2l, Marcus Butler, so many more!

You guys are more than welcome to leave comments on what would you be interesting in watching (I need ideas because honestly I am so lost) --> Link to the most amazing vlog! (jk, is such a fail)

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