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20 Nov 2014

I am completely, extremely, undoubtedly LOVING the make-up trends for this season. Why is that you may ask? Is everything I wish for in a make-up world: Effortless and natural. I am not a big fan of using make-up (with the exception of lipsticks, I have a huge obsession with lipsticks), so this trend is perfect for me, and of course, for anyone who shares my dislike. It's also very efficient for when you are running late in the mornings because you woke up late. You barely put anything. If you have perfect skin then you don't even need to use foundation, just add some lipgloss or very natural lipstick colors, a bit of bronze eyeshadow and mascara (which is optional) if you are feeling flirty and you are ready to go! That simple.

Keeping the base idea of natural, if you want more action in your face, you can also go for the trend of metallic colors as adding some eyeliner in blue, yellow, brown shades, but of course in a metallic range.

You can also add some berry color to your lips if you don't really like to have the look of natural lips. It's a very simple trick. What I personally do is, I take my red-ish lipsticks and apply very gently to my lips and then with my fingers I spread them around. For a final touch of glimmer I add a bit of lipgloss, not too much though because it would be too overweighted.

Now, if you are absolutely the opposite of me and are absolutely hating this "natural" trend because you love your make-up to be bold, do not worry! There are other options to go for:

However its still in the base of "natural" look if you look closer. It's not something that is extremely over charged on make-up. It switches to either the eyes or lips being the main focus of bold colors. If there is a combination of both, its keeping that light, natural, effortless look overall.

Remember that in fashion, trends come and go, but style remains. So, if you are not really "digging" this trend for this season, you do you sistah. Just keep rocking your own personal style of makeup. No one will judge. Just because you are not following a trend does not mean you are not "in" ;)

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