Let it out Time

12 Nov 2014

Hi internet people!

Its been quite a while since I've written anything in the blog, and to say "I was busy" would be a lie. I've been having horrible grades in my English papers for my class which is a bit discouraging and so I felt uninspired and so now I would like to apologize for my lack of writing skills to you guys. Its really difficult to write a paper, whyyyyyyy?! The most difficult part is to organize all of the ideas you have in your head into coherent paragraphs (the word "coherent" is very important, apparently.) There is just so much that I still need to learn, and its hard when you have people around you that can do it but you can't. However, what most people do in these situations is to compare themselves and think that others are better than you. Wrong! What you should be doing is:

* Take a breath.
* Ignore everyone else.
* Focus on you and only you.

The funny thing here is that I'm writing these "advices" while I don't even follow them myself. That's why I MUST listen to myself. Focus on myself, listen to what I have to say. Stop listening to what others want me to be or do (in case if it is your teacher then you do have to listen).

Having a blog, for me, its like a place in where I can have my own voice and be projected to myself, and hopefully to some of you guys out there. I don't even know if anyone really reads my post and think "Oh! I totally relate to her!" or "Thats a good idea" (which I would love to know if you guys leave comments ;) ) My blog is like my happy place, my quiet and relaxed place. Its what I like to do and (this might sound stupid and obvious) lately I realized that we are at out best when we are doing things we enjoy and that makes us happy.

I'm saying this because life is hard. Life really is not easy. And there might be times that we lose track of our interest and goals. Saying no to drugs not only applies to, well, the real drugs but it can also be seen as a metaphor into so many things as being hooked on netflix or video games. Sure they are hella fun, I won't lie, but what good does it bring us? It doesn't really feed onto our skills to prepare for our future and goals. I am not saying that we should stop altogether watching netflix or play video games (two things I do most, btw, did you guys know that you can play Just Dance with your iPhone?), but anything in excess is bad.

Laziness is my biggest enemy right now. Laziness and paying attention to what others think about me. Like, to the point I stop in being myself. And what scares me the most is that right now Im not living MY life, to the way I want to be, and sometime it might end. Just like that.

We have so many second chances but in life sadly we only have one, and its going by so quickly. I mean? November already?? 2015?? what? Soon enough I will be out of college and never come back. Ever. I will move onto the next phase, ready or not, because life waits for no one.

This was a reallyyyy random post, sorry about that, but yeah... life is...something. It's just nice to sometimes be reminded that we should spend more of our time doing things we enjoy.

Enjoy this picture in order to compensate the time lost.

Chanel Boots? Yeah.

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