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17 Nov 2014

Who doesn't like online shopping? Sure it does have its negative aspects like, you never know if the items you bought will fit you or not, but it is so exciting to go receive mail and huge packages filled with clothes and shoes <3 Its like giving a gift to yourself. Plus, its faster because you get to click on links, chose and go to the basket: Done. I find it more efficient than to physically go to a store to do shopping. The big dissatisfaction though is that the models that wear the clothes are way different than you (or maybe they are exactly the same, in that case, congrats). I'm very short, meaning, short legs. So its hell to buy pants, leggins, even dresses. Don't even get me started in shoes. They look absolutely stunning on those models, but when you buy it and receive it, try them on, noup. Not the same. At all.

And Im broke, very very broke. Last year was all about clothing, but this semester was all about food. That doesn't mean though that I completely stopped from looking through online shopping websites. I pretend that they are all mine and think "which one should I wear tomorrow? What will match with this dress?" Its such a torture because this season there are so many cute clothing items, accessories and boots. The coats are THE IT thing for me now. I NEED the ones that are pastel colors! They will look beautiful with some blue jeans, black boots and a stripped sweater. So, since I cannot absolutely put any of these items in my basket, at least I will pick some of my favorites and write a post about it? (Pretending that they will magically appear in my closet, fingers crossed)




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