Reaching 20's

10 Sept 2014


The first birthday is very important because, well, its your first one. But then quinceanera comes (for the latinos) and sweet sixteen (for the americans). And then there is the famous "Im legal" thing with the buddy 18 (Again, not in America because you have to be 21, booho). But there is a particular, special thing when "2" becomes the first number in front instead of the "1". You aren't a "teen" no more -.-

I'm turning 20 today!!!! (I have to say it because clearly its not obvious with the picture above). Its very scary, as people say "age is just a number", sometimes it might be true, but not really. A number (of age) carries responsibilities and expectations, and 20?? I don't know about you, but when people tell me they are 20, I see them as complete adults. Me? I still watch Disney movies and get extremely excited when new ones come out. I would prefer milkshakes a hundred times over alcohol, love candies, love cartoons, I get very mad when people steal my food or when they wake me up (ok, this one is pretty standard for everyone), love boy bands and yes, I fangirl a lot. 

I still see myself as a baby, my parents' baby! A baby that needs to be taken care of and be asked if I'm fine all the time. A baby that if I cannot find my mom in the supermarket, and in other places, I will freak out and probably call the police. I am completely not ready for the adult world out there, I mean, taxes? Rent? NO. 

Since I came to college, it was a big part of my life, a part that I learnt so much and it made me a stronger person. But 20? I feel like now if I fail, the world will indeed end. There won't be second chances and it will not be "fine". I know there will be plenty of expectations from others and even from myself. But all of these makes me wonder...every year, I feel exactly the same thing: A year older, with more responsibilities to acquire. Yes, time can tell how old you are, in matters of years, but its not something that will give you wisdom or experience right away. It's not like "hey! its midnight! You are a year older now, here, take wisdom worth a year". Its not something automatic, you grow not as when you get older, but when you go through things, through the different experiences that life puts ahead. 

I'm 20. Not a teen anymore, but that doesn't mean that everything has changed completely. Maybe my body is getting old, and soon, maybe next week, my back will start hurting more and some grey hair will show up, but my soul? My soul will forever stay young...

My soul will never get old, my soul will grow towards wisdom, always. Because every time I look at myself in the mirror, I don't pay attention to if my face is changing, or my nose is getting bigger, those will of course change along the years , we are not eternal. What I do focus on is on my eyes. When I look into my eyes, I see just myself. My inner child, my now "adult" (the " " is irrelevant here because Im indeed a real adult already...whatever), and my future me...
The soul is ageless, and as I said, it doesn't get old, it only grows bigger towards something every little moment you live life. 

So always do things that will make your soul grow and learn, do not be sad that you are a "year older", take it as a new year of opportunity for you to experience new things in this new phase of life. --> This is clearly to me folks, but if you also dislike a bit your birthdays then take it as a good advice (well, I hope is a good one anyway)

ANNND... I'm healthy, I have an amazing family and friends that supports me! So what could I ask for for more? 

Let the golden, roaring 20's starts!!


* Guys! BTW! Karl Lagerfeld's birthday is today as well, we share the same birthday! I feel extra special now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KARL!

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