Mr. Scott strikes again!

18 Sept 2014

You guyyyyyssssss,
This is, like, the best thing eveeerrr. Its like tots amaze. OH EM GEE.

Ok, for real tho... Jerrr Scott once again did it, but this time as a creative director of Moschino. Its like every girl's dream come to reality, a Barbie collection! Haven't you always wanted to have Barbie's clothes in your size so you could wear them yourself? Now you can! That is if you are taller than 5'6 and super skinny (when will fashion be more flexible?)

Anyways, this collection as expected has so many colors and faux leathers and prints and is just everything you dreamt of.

It starts with the classic Barbie girl, the "everything pink" philosophy. Then it switches to other colors and some prints but still keeping that classy Barbie look.

Then it starts to give a little bit of that Barbie sassiness with all of her different costumes and stuff.

But then sh** get real. You KNOW its Barbie world up in the runway.

They even played the Barbie song in the runway! How awesome is that?

And this is only the beginning of a new era, a Barbie world domination.

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