Jeremy Scott Spring-Summer 2015

12 Sept 2014

If you guys had been following NY Fashion Week, or even Miley's instagram, you would know that she collaborated with designer Jeremy Scott for his new collection: Dirty Hippie. Even if you did not know this fact, you would totally think of Miley right away when you saw Scott's collection. I always supported Miley, its her life and she does whatever she wants with it. I do think that she, sometimes goes overboard but again, its HER life. And when she started posting all of those pictures doing craftiness with... I don't even know what to call those objects she used, but they were totally... mhmh, creative?

I thought it was a bit too much and weird, but when I saw Dirty Hippie collection I was so struck by how innovative it looked. Its so original, so different. I'm all about color, and thats what this collection was all about. So many creative and crazy patterns. I mean, Scott's jacket? I WANT ONE. We can also see the same pattern in shorts, skirts and pants so imagine using it as an ensemble? <3 pure perfection. It literally will make you happy when you see the different colorful designs. Trust me! Look for yourself...

Pictures by WGSN

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