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28 Sept 2014

Whenever I was asked "Which one is your favorite season?" I always, with no doubt, responded "Spring". I love flowers! they smell amazing and bring so much color to the environment. But this year in particular I am SO excited for fall season. Christmas and halloween has always been my favorite holidays! And whenever was fall season, halloween was the main attraction and focus, but now everything excites me. The fact that there is pumpkin everywhere is just amaziiinggg. There is pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin mocha and latte, pumpkin errthing.

So I went to the mall today and went crazy on pumpkin things. I wanted to buy a candle from Body&Bath Shop because the apartment was odorless and I hate that. I love when a place smells so good, and whenever I arrived from my classes to the apartment, I opened the door and nothing. There was no smell. Also, since we don't have any furniture, is just so empty and it looks like college students live there, which indeed is true but some deco wouldn't hurt anyone. And flowers, I had to buy flowers to bring that "home-y" feeling.

I don't event want to discuss how much I spent today but if you think about opportunity cost, you gave up money but what did you win? a place decorated with flowers and scented candles! So...

I ended up buying this "Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow" scented candle, which is a limited edition for fall season of course. You guys, if you find it, do NOT skip it, BUY IT automatically. I swear you won't regret it. The apartment smells SO GOOD right now its unbelievable. I love it so much I want to eat it.

Then for my room I bought a little candle in "Marshmallow Fireside" scent.

I didn't want the candles to just "float around" even though they have cute colors and a cute tag, so I bought a candle holder (is that how its called?), one that has leaves and the other one is just... umm a cute pattern.


And even though its fall, flowers can never be too much, especially for the apartment. I love waking up to the beautiful smell and colors of flowers, it automatically makes my day a bit better.

I also bought some other little stuff like a flower crown, a red bandana (which btw I always wanted one), and perfume with body lotion from VS :)


Now enjoy this beautiful fall section from Hy-vee's supermarket!


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