Confessions of a Short Girl

17 Aug 2014

I love fashion, you love fashion, we all love fashion, otherwise we wouldn't be here having a fashion blog. Some people are natural with the whole fashion thing, others learn along the way. And honestly, is never too late to have the interest about it. But as much as I love fashion, there are some things that bother me about it. For instance the killing of the animals to use their fur as I wrote a while back a post about it. Sustainability is key! And Im so happy to see such actions being implemented in stores as H&M and Primark.

Another huge thing that bothers me, although is a rather "inevitable force" (so far) is the limited sizes, or the way the clothes are manufactured to specific body shapes and their measurements. Im a short girl. I would say very short... 5'0. Its a very delicate topic for me to discuss about my height because it brings me so many insecurities. When I go to the mall and see the mannequins, they are just so perfect, just like a model. Its as if they are not even humans. They are SO beautiful, sooo beautiful! The way the clothes fits them, its just so...perfect. I honestly cannot think of another way to describe it. And the naive me always think that those clothes will fit me perfectly as well. That I will look just like that model or mannequin. So I go and pick the same outfit that it was displayed and go straight to the fitting rooms.

Surprise surprise... They look awful on me. As a short girl, obviously I have short legs so the proportions are just all over the place. I know they have a petite section in some stores now but still, the magic ain't working. The measurements are not right for me. I always have to cut a little part in the bottoms of my jeans. It is such a work out. I used to LOVE shopping but now it turned into a real vivid nightmare. People joke by saying "look at the bright-side, you can still buy in the kids section"...ummm, an almost to be 20-year old person? I don't think thats the bright-side of the situation. Its very, very frustrating, and when something really fits its like Miley acting normal, very rare (now a days at least)

What I'm trying to say here is that beauty right now is regarded as looking exactly like a model. If not, then why are the mannequins the way they are in the stores? Have you seen a fat mannequin? Or a short one? What's wrong with those proportions? I'm also aware that in some stores you can find the grande section for plus size women, so we can slowly see a change but honestly, it will take a loooong way to completely disregard the model perfect type. And as all of this is developing, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels that way when trying to shop for some clothing.

Even for shoes for god's sake! I have really small feet and it's SO difficult to find a pair of shoes I like in my size. So since I'm not "perfect" then it's such a struggle. It does mess up with your self esteem even more because as I wrote, you kind of blame yourself for not looking like the mannequin in front if you. 

Just like cultures, that we need to embrace all the differences, same thing goes with our bodies. Every women is different, and just because one does not look a certain way it wouldn't mean that she is not pretty or "adequate" for society's standards. We should all embrace everyone as beautiful because we all are! And I know that the right thing to say would be --> you should feel pretty on the inside in order to look as equally pretty on the outside. But with all of these standards then we can't really feel good about ourselves, or that's how it happens to me.

It's a never ending cycle everytime I go to buy clothes,  and how could I make it better? I have no idea because all I want is to just be like Cara Delevigne.  

Any suggestions? 

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