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10 Jul 2014

As I always come across, or at least try to show, that fashion has indeed a great impact on society. The force it has upon us is immense and can do so much good as well it can do so many bad consequences. The excess of consumption will forever be present but the key concept that we all must focus on is eco-friendly and sustainability. Fashion would not cease to exist because we need clothes for our daily basis (I hope we all agree on this) so why not produce it in a way that instead of causing so many damages it would not only benefit the consumers but it would benefit all sectors of this industry, right from the beginning. 

When I decided that I wanted to spent my entire life in the fashion industry, I wasn't very sure of what I wanted to do with it, I just knew I wanted to have a place within. But now, after a year of college and some courses I've taken so far, I realized that sustainability is a MUST process that should be incorporated. We all need to support companies that are involved in such practices and that carry on an ethical principle of healthy manufacturings so we can spread the word and make people aware of how great things can sustainability bring.  

Thanks to Wowcracy I came across a project called "Ethical luxury meets progressive philantrophy" by Eden Diodati. I completely fell in love with their collection. I have a huuuuge interest in all astronomical things and the first thing I noticed was that aura of stars and galaxies, it was beauuutiful. The cuts and shapes, the drape of their dresses reminded me as well of a roman, greek style which I always have been fascinated about. There is also some other dresses that are one color only, for those who prefer a more simple look. What is a dress without accessories? Nothing. But hold on!! Eden Diodati ALSO offers high-end jewelry products! Couldn't it get more better than this?? In fact, yes, it can. 

Eden Diodati is a fashion brand that is hugellyyyyyy involved in sustainability and ethical impacts. So you don't get only magnificent, highly manufactured products but as well you, as a costumer, are being part of a bigger scale by influencing the good on others. Damn! call it good will and generous human being you! 

10% from your purchase goes as a donation to Medicins sans frontieres and they also help people with mental and physical disabilities. Eden Diodati its been recognized by the Ethical Fashion Forum which is the industry's body for sustainable fashion. So its no joke, its no greenwashing, its the real deal ma friends. 

You see how fancy they are? I wanna buy them all if I could!

The fabrics you see here are eco fabrics which are GOTS certified silks that are manufactured by an amazing team with different backgrounds. Fun fact? Some of the manufacturers are women who survived the Rwandan genocide. 

If you would like to know more about this project go to-->

And here is a trailer of their collection. Enjoy!

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