A Day in Brighton!

31 Jul 2014

London is one of my top favorite places ever! But I always wanted to travel to some of the other parts of England as well, the more quiet and relaxed areas because too much city gets annoying sometimes. Zoe, better known as Zoella in youtube and also in her blog, she made a post a while back about her visit to Brighton and the pictures were amazingly beautiful! Since then my dream was to go to Brighton. Plus I've never been to a beach where the sand were rocks instead...

We arrived there and it was very hot! there was lots and lots of people. We visited only a small part of Brighton since we kind of arrived a bit late and we were hungry, so we stopped in a Brazilian restaurant (which was SO DELISH, I drank guarana and finally ate some brown feiajo with picanha). It took like two hours of our time in the restaurant, or maybe more... Then we walked towards the pier and basically stayed there for like three hours and then had to come back.

I couldn't take pictures of the beach properly because there were so many people since it was a saturday and my sister really really wanted to go to the pier so we walked there right away. Also, there was a "mermaid" parade which made the area even more crowded, but it was beautiful! There were even doggies with costumes :)

Oh, and we also found Darth Vader (he really must not have any care for warm weather) 

The parade was so full of happiness. I really wanted to join them, which we did at one time to walk towards the pier -.- 

The games at the pier were so much fun. I thought it was gonna be a huge line due to the incredible amount of people but it was actually very decent. The maximum we had to wait was like 7 min. I do not recommend "Turbo" the roller coaster though because it hurts your neck so bad. I LOVE roller coasters but that one in specific I didn't enjoy it whatsoever. 

I would love to go back to Brighton and explore more because the small portion I saw, it was gorgeous!

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