I can't see the haters

18 Jun 2014

Hey everyone!

I was watching some interviews of The 1975 and apparently they got voted "worst band" ever once. The hell?? This reminded me as well of what Shakira has said once, that when she was a kid, her music teacher told her she sang like a goat.

I believe that as long as you keep the passion in you, then you shouldn't care of what anyone says. If you wanna do something, do it. Stop thinking what others will say because at the end of the day EVERYONE judges everyone, and if they don't judge other people, they judge themselves.

We should all live life as we want to live. Too corny and annoying to say this but YOLO. There are so many second chances but in life, there is only one chance.

I've been having doubts whether or not I should really dye my hair in a pastel color. I ALWAYS wanted to do it but I was way too scared of what others would say of me. Would it cross the wrong impression to others? Would it look horrible on me? What if its way too difficult to maintain? I would never know the answers to these questions if i don't do it so I decided that I should not care of what others opinions are on the results but the important feedback should be coming from me. Its my hair anyways! Just as Miley dyed her hair, lots of people gave really bad comments but Miley is happy at the end of the day (I think so), she does what she wants so thats what it matters :)

I'll be sharing some of the pictures with my freshly died hair soon!

And btw, Im obsessed with The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys' new albums... have you guys heard it yet?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDIKByXhA80 --> This is one of my fav songs!

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