Like seriously, how do you all do it?

11 May 2014

So I honestly don't know how you all fashionistas do it in terms of being photographed, posting those amazing photos and sharing them all over the social media. Maybe I'm very inexperienced yet with all of these blogging things but I do want to share sometimes some of my OOTD's as well with you all, to maybe inspire or to be criticized in maybe to have a better style? Idk.

Do you hire a professional photographer to take the pictures? If so, do they have to follow you around like everywhere? Or you just ask a brave friend to follow you around? My sister received as a gift a professional camera, I might ask her to take some pictures during the summer since I'll be going home from college. Would that count?

The closest I arrived to such pictures is in the "selfie" style. Here are some pictures I took from my instagram which btw if you want to give it a follow I wouldn't mind ;) (I will definitely follow back!)


Like, seriously, do tell!

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