Ups and Downs.

19 Apr 2014

"It's going to be ok"

How many freaking times have we heard that one before? It might be true but sometimes you just feel like your life is like a roller coaster. I know, so cliche by comparing life with a roller coaster but I cannot actually compare it with another thing that would best describe it. It has its ups and downs. And just like when you are in a roller coaster, some of its downs are more radical than others, just like life.

We all got problems. There is always something bothering us, and then we try to find a solution, we adopt it to our lives and voila! Life is good again...but then, everything falls apart. So when we will have a perfect life? Never.

Life is so imperfect, just like everyone of us. So stop waiting for a perfect life, for a perfect you. There will ALWAYS be something "not right" but we shouldn't let that bad thing take all over our lives because guess what? We only have one. There are many second chances for everything, but in life there isn't a second chance. Also time. We never go back, we only have the possibility of going forward. And the tricky and sucky part is that time goes by SO FAST. It literally waits for no one. Its not like income or gender inequality, its equal for EVERYONE. Its so fair if you think about it. We just have to make the best out of it.

I would not tell you to "be happy" every day because I feel like thats a bit difficult. But I will tell you this:

Be grateful and thankful for everything you have. Regardless of what your situation is, trust me, it could always be worse. Don't let negativism control the situation. I will also not tell you to be "optimistic" all the time because again, its a bit difficult (or maybe just for me, I'm a bit of a pessimist, maybe realist?) but do be strong.

There will be times in our lives that literally everything seems to be going wrong. And when everyone tells us to "be happy, be optimistic" it just sounds SO easy to say it, but when you actually have to put them in practice...not so much. And to be honest, it sounds a bit annoying, for me at least. I know that people are trying to help you and all but the whole "be happy" doesn't really makes me feel better, in the contrary, it makes me angrier. But I mostly deal my struggles by staying strong, because I feel like thats more real than just "being happy".

So stay strong (again, a bit cliche) and ALWAYS look forward, in the sense that there is a tomorrow to start fresh. Because in the other sense, is also good to look backwards, to analyze your past and remember the good memories you've lived so far, so you can realize that life is good, no matter the bad experiences, hold on to the good ones because for those moments is what we all live for.

Extra content:

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* And this amazing video of Shakira back in the day because she is awesome... (childhood memories feels good)

Inevitable - Shakira

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