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13 Mar 2014

I know I write a lot about these things, but honestly, I really like to emphasize these type of issues since I believe is such an important factor in our lives. Confidence and self esteem issues.

Fashion is an amazing world to be involved into. There are just so many perceptions to it. Some people might see it as something merely superficial and unnecessary, but for others, is what they breath in every second of their lives. For those who think fashion is unnecessary, Im not accusing you, its an opinion and everyone has one. But I would just like you to give a second though to it. Fashion affects everyone of us, just in different degrees. The people who are completely involved with fashion are usually "on trend", others...not so much but hey! they are wearing clothes aren't they? (hopefully), so they as well are "victims of fashion". Those clothes were selected for them. Every industry produces their merchandise focused on certain targeted audience. And the moment you chose that specific item of clothing, you are selecting it so it can represent who you are, or at least what you want others to see and understand about you.

It might be that my sociology class is getting too much into my head (well, I have an exam tomorrow, it should be), but it is true that every individual cares what other people think of them. If you say that you don't, you my friend, are a liar. You might not think it all the time, but you do from time to time. We are humans, part of a society, and by definition sociology means the study of the interaction and relationship of society and the individual. So our "self" is constantly interacting with other "selfs", evaluating of who we are. And thats when self esteem comes in, which also goes hand in hand with confidence.

The people that have confidence can achieve so much because they believe in themselves. They feel good with themselves. And as an opinion, I believe that clothes do play an important impact in building that self confidence. Actually, our entire image in general. What we see in the mirror. Its about comfort. Inner peace. Self love. When we don't have that, we feel a bit lost and its a bit harder to understand what we want and figure out who we are. And with that comes the self doubts and the constant comparison with others.

Thats why I have such a big passion for fashion, because although indeed it can be "superficial", thats only one side or perception to take in. Another way to look at it, my favorite one, is of the such great power fashion imposes on all of us. I mean, it moves along with the society's demands! how cool is that? I always say that if you would like to understand how society worked in that specific time, you should focus on what they wore. And we are women! c'mon! what woman would not want to feel beautiful and be called beautiful?

But the things is... how can we build a self esteem when social media portrays the perfect women as slim and tall only? What happens to the other percentage of women? I feel like its a bit unfair, especially with the photoshop and all. So what can we conclude? That the beauty of today is manipulated to be something surreal. Every individual deserves to feel comfortable with themselves, with their own bodies. There is no "right body" but the right attitude we feed into it. I can certainly say that when someone is wearing the "perfect outfit" (according to your likes and taste) it works like.. candy in the hands of a kid. You feel like you are invincible, that nothing can bring you down.

Please, please wear something you really like and stop being afraid that it won't look good on you because you do not have long legs, or because you don't have the "hips" for it. Trust me, you are alright. You are ok just the way you are. Do not let the advertisements tell you what beauty is. I do believe in inner beauty, but also don't let your outer beauty hide away. They should both be partners, and their babies? Confidence and self esteem!! (what? that sounds weird right?)

So if you are feeling down, buy that dress you've been wanting for the longest time! or that lipstick. Wear your favorite pair of shoes, necklaces, maybe dye your hair! Even if you think it wont work out, trick your mind to think that you ARE happy. Look yourself into the mirror wearing what you love, and trust me, your brain will believe it because your heart is loving what is seeing.  Never under estimate the power of fashion!

You should wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear you. (Does it makes sense? hopefully :) )

So be happy of what you are and show to the world your inner AND outer beauty because YOU ARE TRULY BEAUTIFUL.

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