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27 Mar 2014


Although where I am right now, Mahnattan KS, the weather is just so weird. During spring break it was 
an awesome weather going on, but then is started snowing (?) like, the previous snow all melted down
and the sun was shining, I was taking my summer/spring clothes out of the luggage (the closet in college
sucks so get ready for it, its like a box) but then it started to be cold again. It was such a bummer. 

However now the weather is all sunny again! I really don't get it. Regardless of THIS crazy weather, 
I wish that I could re-new my wardrobe for this season, I just don't have money... you know, being in
college and all. So the least I can do is look through online and pick my favorites and the ones that I 
would actually buy only if I had money. Which I don't, so...

This look is all from H&M. The first time I saw those pants I just fell in love. Its right in the first page
if you click the "pants" category. It also comes with a matching jacket from the same patterns. I decided
to match with the basic of a good ol' white tank top, because what outfit doesn't go with a white shirt?
And since the pants have black details, I chose those cute and simple black sandals that again, are very
standard-like that goes with mostly anything. I was thinking to accessorize with some silver but I thought
that instead of bringing the "boom" out of the outfit, it would diminish the visual so instead I went for the 
gold accessories. And of course, the gold sunglasses. Its a fresh yet very chic look that will go perfectly
for a simple hang out day.
Lyocell Tank Top
$9.95 (color white)

Loose-fit Pants
$29.95 (grey-patterned)

Short Necklace
High-heeled Sandals

And of course, a woman cannot, I repeat, CANNOT leave the house without perfume. So I feel like Valentina by Valentino will be a delicious addition to the fresh outfit above. 

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