The 50's are back!

6 Feb 2014

I was just listening to Itunes Radio (Its AMAZING!, they have really good stations there) while doing my math homework and decided to listen to "The Beatles" station and then "Old Love Songs". There were so many good songs from the 50's. One of them was from the Everly Brothers. I've never heard of them before but since they had really cool songs I searched them up, by "search them up" I mean, I wikipedia-them.

Then I went to the images section of google and OH BOY!, the 50's styles <3 The men looked terribly handsome with those clothes! I usually look for the women's wear but I never did for menswear and Im glad I did because it led me to find the new collection of Burberry Prorsum SS 2014. It was a good coincidence since I was just wondering how amazing it would be if the 50's style came back to today's fashion. Not like entirely since that wouldn't work, plus it would look weird. Just imagine, suddenly every people wearing only dresses and stuff. But maybe some of the designs and details used back then.

AND VOILA! Burberry Prorsum brought it back. Of course with characteristics of today's fashion like the bright colors and some of the crazy patterns as seen in some of the shirts or scarves, which is still a bit characterized by the 50's but clearly not worn by the men, I guess. What I really loved about this collection is the colors used. For me its all about the colors, and the use of contrast with the shoes and the coats, ties, even the bags were just like... wow. (sorry, I went very deep in there)

I just still love the collection because that "essence" of the 50's is there, present and lively. Its like traveling back in time..ish. And something that is a must to mention is that the collection was presented outside, in the middle of mother nature. Beautiful.

Another cool thing of SS 2014 Collection is their sunglasses and how they introduced a new, fun way of using sweaters with the shirt:

AND BTW! Guess who I spotted in the first row? The Harries brothers! :D just when we though this amazing event wouldn't get any better.

If you would like to watch the entire collection, access this link:

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