Some looks of the Golden Globes

14 Jan 2014

I was not there to see it since I was traveling on my way to Miami. But that would not stop me from seeing what the celebrities wore in that special night.

One of the plus sides of being in the world of Hollywood is the events you can attend to, just like the Golden Globe Awards. Its like prom all over again...and again, however this time you wont attend to a silly room that it was most of the times boring and all you had to do really was to have a boring dinner (at least that was my type of proms). This time is different. This time, you get to wear REAL valuable dresses! Designer dresses!! that you can combine with not only expensive but beautiful jewelry! and lets not forget the shoes!! Oh shoes!...

Let's start with Jennifer Lawrence who wore Dior Haute Couture. Although she was the one who won the red carpet look, in my opinion it was not the best look of the night. The dress itself is...beautiful, but I feel like there is something missing to the whole look. Maybe a statement necklace could have been replaced instead of those earrings she is wearing so that it could give the dress more life. This way is just too plain and the earrings do not go well with the look since it has some green details and it looks a bit lost.

Oh Taylor! Why cant you chose the right boyfriend as you do it with your dresses? I love the dress of Carolina Herrera! Its perfect and very simple yet so original. I love the silhouette and how the "division" of the skirt with the top is not exactly in the waist. It might be me and my preferences but I also think that maybe a necklace could have given the look a "something"!, just maybe.

Sometimes less is what's best. Emma Roberts in Lanvin with a blue statement earrings. Black matching with gold or silver is a classic but when its matched with other colors can be a bit odd but its certainly not a waste of a result.

It had to be Alexander McQueen with that crazy top part of the dress. Although its the classic black and white, the way that the dress is built is fun and entertaining. If Allison Williams wore more jewelry then the look would have been way too much already, so she has the perfect amount of bling bling.

Sarah Hyland in Georges Hobeika. I LOVE the color and the silhouette of this dress as well is something to look up to. The hairstyle of Sarah is so cute and somehow it adds perfectly to the whole look. Two things that Im not "digging it" is the little belt in front and the clutch.

What were your favorite looks? Comment below :)

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