Bittersweet moments of life.

26 Jan 2014

There are so many lifestyles. Mine is the type that I would be considered a TCK. For those who are not familiarized with this acronym it stands for Third Culture Kids. Look it up in google for more info ;) Anyway, my mom is from Argentina and my dad is from Paraguay. I was born in Paraguay, but when I was 8 we moved to Brasil. Then to Senegal and then to Ghana. Now Im currently in the US.

Although I moved like 8 times and lived in so many houses, and airplanes, hotels and airports are like my second house, there are so many other people that moved even many more times than me. Like within two years. Its crazy I know! but thats our lifestyle. It was not easy, it still isn't. People think that since I've done it so many times it gets easier, but the truth gets WAY harder each time. Saying goodbye is not one of my favorite things. Change? I can discuss on that. I feel like change is good from time to time. Before I used to hate change. But now its like... I NEED change to exist. I cannot stay in one place for more than 3 or 4 years type of thing.

The point of this post is to talk about one of the bittersweet moments of this type of lifestyle I carried with myself since I was 8, and that is one of the most valuable lessons I've learned from this whole experience. It's about sacrifices. And no...not the type of killing someone or something (For God's sake!), is the lesson that in life we cannot absolutely have everything we wish for. Maybe at the long run we do can accomplish that but during the process of it, the building of our future is rather complicated. We are all working towards an end product, a dream, a desire. To accomplish that, we will have to leave some other things behind. Its like the "opportunity cost" principle of economics (sorry, this is what IB does to you...permanent scars), you have to leave certain things in order to obtain other things in our possession, the thing that would be better off.

I can totally see that econ principle in my life. How many times did I have to say goodbye to my friends, my family?! I lost count. But every time it hurts even more. I see them once a year. Now I will get to see them within two years :( Its a sad thing I know but as the title of this post say... its "bittersweet" because although it hurts, although I have to leave so much behind (family, friends, my comfort zone, my home which is my family, my dog,etc) I know Im working for something better in my future...which is my career and plenty of opportunities. It was my parents turn some years back, but now its mine. Its ours. Its our turn to make our dreams come true... to pursue them and to ACTUALLY make them come into reality, not just a dream. So yeah, its sweet at the same time because we know that  we are going to the right path. Even if we aren't, even if we make mistakes, there would be other paths to take that would lead us to the right one.

And hey! We would never be in the same place we started from. We would ALWAYS be one step ahead, even if we fall and don't really have the strengths to get up, just think that you are NOT in the same place you started because this time... this time, you got the experience.

So go ahead, follow your dreams and make them a reality. A fabulous reality to live in. Happiness is a choice. We will have many opportunities in life but some of them would only come once, which life, is one of them.

Have a good hunt! <3

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