La Petite Magazine

30 Dec 2014

Hi Everyone!

I just found this amazing magazine that their targeted audience are kids! How cool is that? Maybe you are all thinking "ummm...haven't you seen that there are magazines for all types of audiences?" Well, I wasn't aware that there was a magazine fashion conscious for kids, and I think thats great for multiple of reasons.

Fashion is a medium to express style and individuality of an individual, so for instance, it is never too early to start developing that element of life. H.O.N.Y (Humans of New York) if you guys are not aware of, its a project that focuses on photographs with stories attached of the people who had been photographed. One of them tells a story of a woman who teaches pre-school, and she wanted her class to be more socially conscious, such as the case of Trayvon Martin by decorating cards for mother's day for Trayvon's mom. She got fired because of it, she just wanted to teach (show actually because you cannot really teach those values) sympathy and empathy at an earlier age.

I totally agree that just because they are kids it doesn't mean that they are not aware of what is going on. Sure they need some guidance but they know what they do and do not like. Same thing goes with the topic of fashion. Just because they are kids doesn't mean that they do not know how to dress and do not know what they like best, which color, which style...

I remember my little sister used to change outfits three times a day, and her ensembles were incredibly creative and stylish. Kids do have an eye for fashion. And this magazine, La Petite is supporting this idea and I love it! You guys should totally check it out.

Christmas time!

10 Dec 2014

Bring back the Mod.

7 Dec 2014

What to wear?

Hair care products

4 Dec 2014

Hi People!

Hair is something we are all concerned about. Is just as much important as eyebrows (what am I saying?), just imagine if you accidentally shaved one or half of your eyebrow. That would be a nightmare. So basically is just the same level of seriousness when it comes to the hair. You probably don't get up and just go outside and start your day looking like I-woke-up-like-this style. It requires styling, caring and lots of love for a fabulous and healthy hair looking.

I used to literally wake up, not even brush my hair, and go on with my day. But now, since my hair is dyed, I don't have the pleasure of leaving it as is it, I must apply products in order to look and be healthy. After I dyed my hair, it got very dried since I bleached it. I started using L'oreal products and Kerastase, they really worked well with my hair. There are so many products out there that doesn't really go with me, leaving my hair even more dry than it was at the beginning or it leaves it oily. These products work wonders on me and Im terribly grateful for them.

1. I first apply this product to my wet, unbrushed hair. Its for heat protection when I use the hair drier, it helps to bring out the color of your hair and it also protects from the chemicals you now have. It smells amazing btw. 

2. I used to use oil for my hair but didn't really know its function. Usually after I dried my hair, it looked like a lion with too much freeze. My hairstylist told me that thats why you need the oil, in order to control that freeze status. After I apply the Keratin oil of Kerastase, my hair automatically looks smoother and shinier. I do this after its completely dried, although you can do it before drying it as well. 

3. After the Kerastase product, I use the total repairs extreme for split ends. It also smells so good! And it definitely works. At first I was dubious but it makes your split ends looks "healthier", more decent because lets get real: it won't magically join the split ends together, you'll need a haircut.

4. I have no idea why I put this as the last step since I dry my hair first and THEN I apply the Kerastase oil and then the split end fixer oil. But you can also apply them before drying your hair. I recommend nevertheless to do it after since it gives your hair more control. 

Favorite month of the year

1 Dec 2014

First of December everyone!

Is the last month of the year 2014. How scary is that? This year definitely went by so fast, but to be honest, Im always looking forward to this time of the year when is Christmas! I love everything related to christmas. The decorations, the scented candles, the colors (red and green), and of course, the most important of all, being with the family.

Finals week is fast approaching and all I can think about is to travel to London and be with my family. I miss them terribly! Im so close to them and it always kills me to leave them, it breaks my heart. This semester has been somewhat interesting (yeah, I'll use that word) and Im so ready to be done with it and finally spend time with my familia. This particular christmas will be very exciting since although we are not going back to Paraguay to be with the entire family and friends like most of the year, we will be celebrating at London. I like to spend such holidays in other places of the world so you can really get the feel of how different it is celebrated. I've spent new years eve in Brazil in 2007, Christmas in Ghana in 2012 I believe and they sure are different from what Paraguay is. So I cannot wait to see how in London is celebrated! Im so excited.

December altogether is going to be an amazing month! I can so feel it. I wish you all a good month of December too!

Let's get ready to celebrate!

Youtube Channel | First Vlog

25 Nov 2014

So people,

After much debate with myself whether I should or shouldn't make videos and post them in Youtube, I finally came to the conclusion of the simple "Why not" statement. I think is a cool way to interact with so many people, make your voice to be heard and just form an amazing community in where you can exchange ideas, opinions with people from around the world and hopefully make a change someday somehow.

I was always scared of creating a Youtube channel. I hate to admit it but I sadly do care tons of what others think of me. Always. Confidence for me does not come easy and its a constant struggle to find a bit of it and believe in myself. And by creating a youtube channel, that would mean lots of hate, lots of judging and criticizing of "why is she doing this? She sucks", lots of cyberbullying. But challenge would not be a challenge if there are no risks.

I recorded my first vlog yesterday when I went to the supermarket and the mall with my roommate. The quality is horrible and since I recorded with my Iphone, the video came out vertically. Most of the times I had NO idea what I was gonna say, and I repeated my words so.many.times. People stared at us because it wasn't only me who was talking to my phone, but my roommate also decided to create a Youtube channel, so it was the both of us. It was fun.

There are so many youtubers that inspired me by how much they are accomplishing and making a change. There is the youtube cute couple, Zoella and Pointless blog who their book just came out (they didnt write a book together, they have separate ones), and Zoe appeared in Vogue! How cool is that? There is JacksGap, who travel around the world and make awareness of different charities which I had donated  to some of them previously thanks to Jacksgap channel. O2l, Marcus Butler, so many more!

You guys are more than welcome to leave comments on what would you be interesting in watching (I need ideas because honestly I am so lost) --> Link to the most amazing vlog! (jk, is such a fail)

Red love

22 Nov 2014

Make up trends 2014

20 Nov 2014

I am completely, extremely, undoubtedly LOVING the make-up trends for this season. Why is that you may ask? Is everything I wish for in a make-up world: Effortless and natural. I am not a big fan of using make-up (with the exception of lipsticks, I have a huge obsession with lipsticks), so this trend is perfect for me, and of course, for anyone who shares my dislike. It's also very efficient for when you are running late in the mornings because you woke up late. You barely put anything. If you have perfect skin then you don't even need to use foundation, just add some lipgloss or very natural lipstick colors, a bit of bronze eyeshadow and mascara (which is optional) if you are feeling flirty and you are ready to go! That simple.

Keeping the base idea of natural, if you want more action in your face, you can also go for the trend of metallic colors as adding some eyeliner in blue, yellow, brown shades, but of course in a metallic range.

You can also add some berry color to your lips if you don't really like to have the look of natural lips. It's a very simple trick. What I personally do is, I take my red-ish lipsticks and apply very gently to my lips and then with my fingers I spread them around. For a final touch of glimmer I add a bit of lipgloss, not too much though because it would be too overweighted.

Now, if you are absolutely the opposite of me and are absolutely hating this "natural" trend because you love your make-up to be bold, do not worry! There are other options to go for:

However its still in the base of "natural" look if you look closer. It's not something that is extremely over charged on make-up. It switches to either the eyes or lips being the main focus of bold colors. If there is a combination of both, its keeping that light, natural, effortless look overall.

Remember that in fashion, trends come and go, but style remains. So, if you are not really "digging" this trend for this season, you do you sistah. Just keep rocking your own personal style of makeup. No one will judge. Just because you are not following a trend does not mean you are not "in" ;)

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